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June 4, 2008

Hillary Clinton Sticks Her Foot IN Her Mouth

Hillary, Hillary, why would you say such a thing? The democratic race has been ugly and long and many people have called for an end to it. However, Hillary Clinton has stuck it out with diehard enthusiasm and it is hard to not admire her. Then she goes and says what she said in South Dakota today.

The United States has a long history of violence and assassinations of political figures. The most famous assassinations would be those of two brothers in the 1960’s. John and Robert F. Kennedy were both murdered. One of them was murdered while he was president and the other one while he was in pursuit of the position. I was not alive for those events but if you are an American, you still shiver when you think about it.

During the 1960’s murdering black men was more of a sport in the American south than a crime. Black men were lynched and burned and it was just a routine everyday event. Everyone knew who committed the murders and nothing happened. Martin Luther King jr., Medger Evers and many other lesser known black men, leaders or not, were murdered.

Needless to say, the roots of the 1960’s live on in the U.S. Race is the white elephant in the room for us. There have been several comments about Barack Obama and guns lately. There was Mike Huckabees making a joke about Obama at an NRA rally that even the NRA members did not find funny and now Hillary Clinton is giving Robert Kennedy’s assassination in June as an example of a historical event that changed the presidential race that year as a reason for her to stick it out until June.

Now, I do not believe that Hillary Clinton was saying that she thinks that Obama will be assassinated. I think that she meant that things happen in June and she should stick it out until the bitter end. However, she should have been more careful before speaking. Bringing up Robert Kennedy’s assassination seems inappropriate for a number of reasons. First of all, Robert Kennedy was murdered as was his brother and his other brother was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. There was no reason to bring Robert Kennedy into the conversation.

On top of that, any mention of assassination in a presidential race with a black man is going to trigger some ill feelings. Not to mention, a black guy who is talking about change, has the middle name Huessin and has a chance of becoming the next president of the United States. No, Hillary Clinton didn’t mean it that way but there are so many people that are going to take this comment and run with it.

Clinton has already come out and apologized and said that the comment was stupid. However, the analysis has already begun on cable news shows. Speculation as to what Clinton meant by her comments has started and will carry over into the long weekend. The next time someone asks Clinton why she is still in the race she needs to only tell them, “Cause it’s not over!” and move on.

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