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February 24, 2011

Hilary Clinton: Down For The Count?

As Barack Obama has said over and over again, Hilary Clinton is truly a formidable opponent. She is determined and strong willed and the lady will fight to the death. I admire that fighting spirit in her, but does Hilary still have a chance to win the Democratic nomination? Well, maybe, maybe not but you can be sure that the lady is going to forge ahead regardless.

After the May 6th primaries were Clinton suffered a huge loss to Obama in North Carolina and did not have a decisive victory in Indiana, she made her victory speech without flinching. In a Democratic nomination race that has consisted of the two candidates ripping one another apart, Clinton stood tall, thanked voters and prepared to fight another day. Even though this inability to give up will probably ultimately hurt the Democratic party in the end, Clinton refuses to give up.

Even though Clinton will probably win more primaries, she needed to win the North Carolina and Indiana primaries in order to really pose a big challenge to Obama. However, Clinton’s diligence will likely give her a boost and keep the fight interesting. Of course with increased bickering amongst Obama and Clinton, the Republican candidate John McCain has been able to peacefully pop up in various spots across the country gaining support for his campaign. He has not had to say much of anything about Clinton or Obama because they were destroying one another. Not only has McCain been able to find supporters amongst frustrated Democrats, he also has improved his reputation among supporters of all parties because he is not slinging mud.

At this point it probably would be good if Clinton took a step back and admitted that it might be in her best interest to let Obama move forward. So much time has been spent with the two Democrats fighting it out, there will be little time to disprove McCain as a worthy president by the time they are done. After the May 6th primary results, Clinton should probably start rallying her voters over to Obama but that seems highly unlikely.

The United States is at a point where a major political shift is wanted and needed. President Bush is the most unpopular president in modern times and voters are desperate for someone that can change everything that Bush has done. The amount of party voters that only, always vote for whatever candidate is representing the party they support, are few. Most people are in limbo and will vote for the candidate that seems like the best choice. The strongest, most visible candidate can win this election if they play their cards right.

The other thing about Clinton not conceding and continuing to fight on is that some of the people that were planning on voting for her will not vote for Obama. That means that the Democratic party will be damaged by her stalwart approach to running for the Democratic nomination. This is very counterproductive for the party and after all, one should do what is best for the party.

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