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June 18, 2008

High Threat Of Terrorism IN UAE Says Britain

The United Arab Emirates is a premier vacation spot and winter home to many millionaires around the world. The pictures of this bombing nation quickly move it up any must see list for travelers. However a British warning says that terrorist may be planning to carry out terrorist attacks in the UAE.

The UAE is an oil rich, progressive and moderate Middle East state where a good deal of expatriates live comfortably. The country is a little bit smaller than the U.S. state of Maine and has the world’ largest mall and largest tower. It also has an amazing indoor snow park. This is not the kind of place you think of terrorist taking a shot at. Still, Britain is telling its citizens to be on guard for terrorist attacks in this country.

Really, if we are honest, terrorist attacks can happen anywhere. However, there are places where we expect them to occur and the UAE is not one of them. Even though two of the attackers that participated in the September 11th attacks where from the UAE, the climate for foreigners has been mild. The country did recognize the Taliban as a government before the September 11th attacks but a lot of countries recognized the Nazi regime initially as well. Surely that is not a judging point for a government or a nation.

The United States has not issued any type of terror alert for the UAE. The United Arab Emirate is considered an ally of the U.S. and is also home to 100,000 British nationals. Of course the British can not just come out and say why they are issuing a terror alert because whatever information they have may compromise lives. However, it is also very uncomfortable to have to live life constantly looking over your shoulder. Not being able to go about your day without being afraid of an attack is terrible.

The Untied Arab Emirates is growing market that attracts many tourists and foreign nationals. Hopefully the terrorists do not ruin this impressive stretch of land in the Middle East. Dubai is a city on the horizon and will further increase the profitability of the oil rich country. Why destroy a future that is so bright by making it unsafe for tourist to go there? There would be no reason to plan an attack in the United Arab Emirates but then again, there is no reason to plan an attack anywhere. The problem with terrorism is that there is just no rhyme or reason to it. The people that the terrorists are really mad at are never the ones that die. That is what makes terrorism so stupid.

It will be interesting to see if other nations follow suit and issue terror alerts to their expatriates living in the UAE. If the British have information that is valuable to other nations I would expect that they would share enough to prompt other countries to issue terror alerts to their citizens as well. If one government has information about a terror attack surely they will pass that information along to those that will be effected. The world does not need another tragic terror attack.

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