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September 4, 2008

Who was Hedviga Golik?

The world forgot about Hedviga Golik decades ago. She was reported missing in 1966, died sometime in the early seventies, it is believed, and was discovered in her apartment last week. This painful reminder of how detached humans can be from one another seems to have been forgotten already.

The search for information on Hedviga turns up very little beyond the original report of her body being found. There are several scattered seemingly unreliable reports that say she was the lover of the apartment janitor who left her the apartment. Other disjointed stories say that neighbors called the police at some point over the past few decades and law officers came to the apartment and put a note on the door that the apartment was property of Hedviga.

If we, as a race (the human race) allow this story to seep back into the abyss that it came from we have failed ourselves and this woman that died and went undiscovered for so long. I am very curious about who Hedviga was and why finding her was not urgent. When someone goes missing if there is an investigation, it seems like their home would be the first place the authorities look. Also, if neighbors had not seen Hedviga since 1966, even if they thought she went abroad, didn’t they wonder about the apartment? There are so many questions that will probably never be answered but there must be some answers out there. How Hedviga died is one that might be beyond discovery due to her advanced decomposition but surely there are other things that can be found out about her death.

Croatia has gone through a ton of changes during the time that Hedviga lay dead in her apartment. The country itself has a new name and governments have drastically changed. However, surely there is some way to find out what went on in the investigation of Hedviga’s disappearance. Was there someone that did not want Hedviga to be found? Were there people that wanted Hedviga dead? There is peculation that she may have been in some type of group which was why she was supposedly going abroad. What was the group she was associated with?

Part of my curiosity is over the strangeness of this case. The other part of me wants to have answers about why Hedviga spent decades in her apartment without anyone noticing that she was gone. I guess I just want to know that the world is better than that. Allowing someone to go without being seen from 1966 until 2008 is very odd. I know that some people are reclusive and do not like going out but you have to venture out at some point or someone has to come to your home. If nothing else, you will need groceries to make it through all of those years. Occasionally you need to be outside of your home or someone has to bring necessities in to you. I believe that someone knew that Hedviga was dead, even if she died of natural causes.

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