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May 18, 2008

Hedviga Golik Sat Dead In Front Of Television For Forty-Two Years

Hedviga Golik was last seen in 1966 when she was 42 years old. A neighbor remembers last seeing Golik when she was just nine years old. The woman said that Hediviga was quiet and polite but rarely came out of her apartment. Someone reported her missing 42 years ago but she was never located.

Hedviga made a cup of tea, sat down in her arm chair to watch her black and white television and never got up. 42 years later her body was discovered by officials who entered the apartment to find out who owned the place. Back in the late 1960’the building would have been owned by the government but the building obviously changed ownership after the fall of communism. However, it is unclear why no other inquiries were ever made about the apartment. It seems like someone would have wanted to know something about this seemingly vacant living space.

Privacy is one thing but apathy is another. Never seeing anyone entering or exiting the apartment seems like it would warrant suspicions about the place. If you knew that someone lived in the apartment at one point and you never saw that person again and never saw anyone else move in, wouldn’t you wonder what was going on? Another question that comes up is who did the missing person’s investigation? If someone is missing, it seems that their apartment would be the first place you would look for clues. This case just seems to show a total lack of concern.

As a society we should always have at least the basic level of caring for our neighbors. People that are isolated and do not have families need interaction. Individuals often become loners because of the way they have been treated by society. If no one really seems to care about you a coat of armor forms for protection and you start to need others less and less. Hedviga seems to have had no one in the world that really cared about her and that is so very sad. Someone reported her missing but no one followed through on the report but Hedviga was easy to find. Who was this woman’s family? Who were her friends? What made her reclusive enough that she could go missing for 42 years and not cause a stir of concern anywhere in the world?

The worst part of this story that it seems like there are people in the building that were familiar with Hedviga. At least one woman who was living there when Hedviga vanished is still living in the building. So that means that this was not a mystery that simply passed through the crack of discovery because the building was constantly full of new tenants. It seems that no bothered to knock on the door or peek through the window of this seemingly vacant apartment. For decades Hedviga’s corpse sat in front of a television waiting to be discovered and put to rest. Days, years, major events came and changed her country and no one thought about this woman who had not been seen or heard of for 42 years. Astonishing and devastatingly sad.

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5 Comment(s)

  1. Jason | May 19, 2008 | Reply

    I am so confused guys.I have read alot about this lady.I know that it seems awesome to believe a story like that.Sad, But neat in a way .But I am second guessing it now.I have read so much differnt stuff on it that I dont know what happed…And why is it that something like this could happen but yet there are no pictures of her anywhere.I mean even the corpse.Not tryin to sound morbid.But in todays world if you want someone to believe something like that you have to have some kind of proof of it.And I have read 2 diff srories.One that she wuz found in her chair…and another that they found her in the bed? Well what one is it ?
    Even me myself would like to believe this.But yet I am sarting to think it is a hoax.
    If anyone has anything else on it send it to me…I would love to read more on it really.
    my e-mail is

  2. Zinnober | May 20, 2008 | Reply

    Ok here is more of this story. Hedviga Golik was born in 1924 in Rijeka, Croatia. She apparently once worked as a nurse at a nearby hospital and occupied that apartment in 1961. The flat was just a 18-square-meter and in the attic of the apartment building. Most neighbors remember her as a “strange and mysterious” woman who rarely communicated with them and had no friends or family, except a sister. But Hedviga was not in good relations with her sister, who lived in Rijeka. Because of her strange behaviour many neighbors thought that Hedviga was suffering from schizophrenia.

    There were also rumors that Hedviga was member of a “religious sect” and the last time she was seen alive in 1973 (one neighbor said she was absent for much longer, probably since 1967) she was with these two men, and one neighbor said they were members of a sect. So, when she disappeared everyone thought she had moved from Zagreb with the “sect”. Or what is perhaps closer to truth, nobody actually missed her. That’s why she was never officially declared as missing person by police.

    Apparently nobody noticed anything strange and there were no smell when Hedviga died because her windows were open, she was malnutritioned and wrapped up in her bed so instead of rotting her body was naturally mummified.

    Strangest detail in the case was the fact that all that time Hedviga was lying dead in her bed, an architect, who died just three months before the discovery of Hedviga’s mummified body, was paying her electricity bills, according to Croatian daily Jutarnji list.
    Also, in 1998 a mysterious note was written on the door of Hedviga’s flat with a warning from the City of Zagreb that the flat was ownership of Hedviga Golik and that any entering into it will be considered as illegal. This is strange because journalists from Jutarnji list interviewed the authorities from the City of Zagreb and they said that note was not official and was not written by the City of Zagreb.

    There were several attempts by tenants in the building to figure out who is exactly owner of the Hedviga’s flat. In 1991 (when the war was erupting in Croatia) one tenant even send a memo to police but the police ingore it and did nothing.

    Perhaps the saddest part in the whole story of Hedviga Golik’s is the fact that neighbors’ never actually cared what really happened to that “strange” woman who lived in their building for years and who one day simply vanished forever. It seems, for all those decades, Hedviga was dead in her bed, they were more interested in her apartment.

  3. Sean | Jun 23, 2008 | Reply

    I don’t believe it. We should have aleast seen a picture of the apartment since it is like a “time capsule” but the only pictures I have seen online are of her apartment’s door. I am sure if this was a real event at least one picture of the room frozen in time would have surfaced.

  4. paul | Jun 24, 2008 | Reply

    Pictures of this would be worth a lot of bucks. Hope someone has them.

  5. paul | Jun 24, 2008 | Reply

    You are right about the pictures.

    Just an urban legend if no pictures exist.

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