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May 17, 2008

Hedviga Golik: A Woman Lies Dead In Apartment For 35 Years

A woman died 35 years ago and in Croatia and her body was not discovered until recently. She died in an apartment and her body was only found because other residents of the building wanted to take over her apartment.

Have we become so callous that we do not notice when we have not seen anyone exit an apartment for 35 years? Have we lost that much in the way of caring that we just don’t care if our neighbors are alive or not? This is a strange story but it is not one that so much surprises me as make me sad.

I think about my own neighbors and I wonder how long it would take them to figure out that I was not alive any more should I die in my apartment. I can’t be sure of how long the discovery would take but I can tell you this. It seems like a chore for some of my neighbors to even say hi. They purposely divert their eyes when it looks like we might cross paths in an attempt to not have to speak to me. I don’t’ know what the fear is or what people think will happen if they say hi to someone or look into their eyes and recognize their face, but it is there.

Hedviga Golik meant nothing to anyone it seems. She lie dead in her apartment for more than three decades. Her body mummified and waiting for someone to give a damn and find out that she had expired. No one ever came looking for her or reported her missing or anything like that. It seems that she lived out her life without making an impression on another human being.

I am so curious to know about this woman because I do care. I care about a lady that died alone in her little apartment 35 years ago, long before I was born because she was a person. It just seems so cold that no one cared enough to notice that Hedviga was gone. This is a case of apathy at it’s best. Somehow we must find a way to renew concern of the well being of others before it is too late.

I am reading A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, a book by Eckhart Tolle. I have only gotten through the first few chapters but he talks about how the human collective consciousness upon review has been one big massive psychiatric diagnosis waiting to happen. He talks about how humans not only destroy themselves and one another but that they deteriorate all of the systems that sustain them. Hedviga Golik deserved more than what the world gave her. She deserved at least one fellow human being that cared enough about her to knock on her door and inquire after her well being. Without this level of minimal concern for one another the world will continue on this path of destruction.

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