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June 5, 2008

Hatred From Brigitte Bardot controversy

Brigitte Bardot, a famous former actress from France has been convicted for writing what is essentially hate literature. Apparently Bardot thought that it would be a good idea to write about how she thinks Muslims are destroying France.

Bardot decided to write a letter to former Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy about her feeling towards Muslims. Her hate filled letter was written in response to the Muslim feast of Aid el-Kebir. She published her letter in her foundations quarterly letter and the French anti-racism group MRAP brought the lawsuit against Bardot. She was fined 23,325 for promoting discrimination and racial hatred with her letter.

I commend the French courts for taking this action against Bardot. This former actress is no stranger to these types of lawsuits. It seems that Bardot has been convicted four other times for inciting racial hatred. It seems that most of her hatred is directed towards Muslims but she has also made comments about homosexuals and other immigration issues. This woman who was made famous from being an actress has taken her fame and used it negatively.

Bardot has spent the better part of the last decade writing books and articles that are unproductive and hate filled. It seems like a woman of 73 who has been an animal rights activist, would have a kinder heart. How can you fight for the rights of animals but spread racism? Loving animals is great but what about fellow humans? The difference of religious does not make someone something other than human. Why would she not be able to see that?

Although fining Bardot money probably does not make much of a difference to her financially, I am glad that something is happening. She should not be allowed to say terrible things about people and get away with it. In France there are laws against spreading literature that encourages racial hatred and discrimination. I think that more nations need to follow suit and make it illegal to spread literature that is filled with hatred and racism.

Some may believe in complete freedom of speech but a world without rules is a dangerous place. Yes, I do believe that people should be able to write what they think about different issues but when the writings encourage hate, words come to life. People that are looking for something to latch on to read racist literature and work to put it into action. It is the responsibility of all writers to be sure that they are not writing something that is filled with blatant hate and racism.

Bardot was irresponsible and inconsiderate for writing the things that she wrote. I can not understand how people believe that they belong to country and others do not. Countries are man made boundaries that only mean something because humans have decided that there are boundaries and borders. France is as much mine as it is yours or Bardot’s as is every corner of the earth. No one can truly own any space on this planet. What an ignorant way to view the world.

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