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February 27, 2011

Hand Written Family Records Of YFZ Ranch Revealed

The April 3rd raid of the YFZ Ranch has stretched on for over a month now. The raid was initiated after a 16 year old girl called a women’s shelter and reported that she was being beaten and raped by her husband. The actual 16 year old has not been identified yet but some very interesting findings have turned up in the investigation.

There were 19 16 and 17 year old boys and girls on the YFZ Ranch. None of the boys were married but 9 of the girls were, leaving just one 17 year old girl not married. The fact that none of the boys were married is very interesting. The claim is that the boys were being taught to take on abusive characteristics so that they could follow in the foot steps of their predecessors. It also seems to indicate that the practice of adult men marrying teenaged girls was what the sect wanted. If that was not the case then it would seem like some of the teenagers would be married to one another.

Apparently, in order for a man to get into the highest level of heaven when he dies, he must have at least three wives. I guess that Warren Jeffs’ brother is going to a place much higher than that since he is listed as having 21 wives. The marriages are reportedly arranged by the Jeffs and often were based on who had donated the most money to the sustainability of the church. Members do not all live on the YFZ Ranch, some have homes along the Utah Arizona border as well.

The case that prosecutors will be trying to make is that the children were being abused. In my opinion, whenever children are having sex with adults, it is some form of abuse. It is also illegal to be married to several people at once in the United States and in Texas children 17 and under can not consent to sex with an adult. The sect says they are being persecuted for their religious beliefs because these things are part of their religions. A good lawyer could build and prove the case of the FLDS church.

The girl that allegedly made the phone call to the women’s shelter has not been identified yet. I believe that the one thing that could help this case be proven is putting a name to what we are talking about. If the world could see the young girl that is saying that she has been abused, it will give the case power. Without that, I don’t think there will be anything much in the way of convictions. The man that was accused of the abuse has already had the charges dropped. What more can authorities do and how long can they hold the children of the Yearning For Zion Ranch in foster homes?

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