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February 28, 2011

Gas Prices Making Some Question Gas Guzzling SUV’s

Over the past winter a friend of mine said, “Hey. It’s time for you to upgrade to an SUV.” I am cheap, and not materialistic. I really only know anything about the different brands of cars because my father is a finance manager for one of the not so legendary “Big Three” I did not learn how to drive until I was 21 and my dad pretty much told me I had to get a car. I’ve been driving the same car every since.

I drive a tiny car, Escort to be exact and I love it. It has 162,000 miles on it and to be honest, until it absolutely refuses to run, I will be driving the dang thing. Whenever I go somewhere with friends they always drive because of rumors about my snail’s pace speed so I don’t have to worry about squeezing larger folks into the backseat. So pretty much I really just need a car that seats one.

Friends have laughed at me and asked when I will be getting a new car over the last few years. I laugh and answer, “No time soon!”. Now my friends are envious of me because I am able to go to the gas station and not spend a large portion of my pay check for gas. I fill up, and it is not cheap but because my car is so small, I am still getting a bargain. My next car will be a hybrid, for sure so it too will be a smaller unit.

So it cost me just under forty dollars to fill up my little car. I can only imagine what it is costing people that drive Lincoln Navigators and Trailblazers and the other popular SUV’s to fill up. Especially in a place like Michigan where we just don’t have public transportation for the most part and people have hour long commutes to work. Many are suffering from high gas prices. However, there is no sympathy from me. Remember my friends, it was you guys that started to increase the huge demand on gas and oil in the first place. So pay, pay, pay.

There are some people that have huge families and they need space to cart the children around or take a family vacation. So these people that have SUV’s and vans, I do feel sorry for them. However, all of those that just want to style and profile and keep up with the Jones, I have no pity. Your big, huge, shiny SUV that cost you a ton of money to fill up is sucking the oil reserves dry. You should have thought about how hard it was going to be to keep your large vehicle filled and what a strain it would be on the environment.

Now people are trying to get rid of gas guzzling SUV’s and move into more economical and environmentally friendly vehicles. Gas prices have repeatedly gone up over the years and there is no reason to expect them to take a major plunge. At 126 a barrel oil is only getting more expensive. Get the for sale sign on that huge machine you spent tons of money on.

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