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February 8, 2011

Gas Prices Forcing Many To Stay At Home More

Driving and buying gas are just facts of life for most of us. However, as gas increases in price it is becoming an expensive that is getting out of control. Many of us are searching for other ways to get around and ways to limit the amount of time we spend in the car.

As oil prices hit record levels many people find themselves driving a lot less. Filling up your tank can be pretty costly and depending on what you drive, enough to make you stay at home more often. If you are opting to remain at home most nights, you can still find ways to stay social and participate in all of the activities you enjoy.

If you live in a place that is dependent on driving you are probably feeling the crunch that gas prices are causing. While this can be kind of a bummer, you can find ways to make the most of your new found home time.

Make your home your sanctuary. Create an atmosphere that you want to be in. Keep the center of rooms clear and decorate with soft, relaxing colors. Clear away clutter by recycling paper and keeping your home tidy. Add in inexpensive furniture and stock up on fun games that you can play with others and by yourself. This will allow you to invite friends over and have a number of things to do. Having a well stocked, clean home will also allow you to feel at ease in your own home.

Spruce up the guest bedroom so that friends can come and spend the night. Hanging out at bars and restaurants can be very costly. Especially if you and your friends have to drive to get to these places. Instead of doing that, have a dinner party and invited friends over. Offer them lodging so that you can spend more quality time together and make the drive worth their while.

Try out public transportation. This can be a greet way to get around. Catch buses or trains and walk from your stop to your destination. You will be able to get in great exercise and enjoy the sunshine. If you can take public transportation on a regular basis or walk to most of the places you have to go, you could leave the car parked permanently. This will save you tons of money on gas and car insurance.

Car pooling is a great idea if you have to drive. Some of us live in the middle of no where and public transportation is not an option. If this is the case, set up a schedule with co-workers and friends and take turns driving. This can be a great way to get children to school or plan meeting with friends. Learn to live without being totally dependent on your car. You will save money and probably gain a little bit of patience. Waiting for the bus to come can be a great time to catch up on some reading. Standing at the train stop can lead to meeting new and exciting people. Try to look on the bright side and embrace some of the positives that come with not driving as much.

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