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August 1, 2011

Gas Prices: News Story Around The World

There seems to be no way to escape the oil crisis and the price of gas. Whether you are in Europe, the US or Canada, you are likely feeling the crunch of gas prices. Of course Europe has long been dealing with higher gas prices but even they have been noticing the hike that has occurred in the last few months. Protests are starting to flare up around the world and gas prices are increasing becoming the subject of angry conversations.

It seems that in Denmark gas is eight dollars a gallon. In Nantucket, Massachusetts it was 4.70, which, is probably old news by now. Surely it has risen to another level with the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Truckers are facing diesel prices that make it very hard for someone that owns their truck to stay a float. Long hauls are becoming increasingly difficult with gas prices going higher everyday.

It is hard to track down the exact cause of the higher gas prices that we are seeing at the pump. Violence in Nigeria would not be the obvious culprit I would point to but now that it comes up, that could help push prices higher. Nigeria is oil rich and in upheaval. Apparently there are attacks on the pipeline in Nigeria daily.

Exxon and Shell get 2 million barrels of oil from Nigeria a day. However, when there are attacks the oil production is lower. Something that effects the oil costs around the world. Of all of the reasons for higher oil cost I have not heard much about Nigeria being a cause of the problem but it seems that there is yet another small war going on in Africa.

Then there is the Middle East. President Bush asked the Saudis to produce more oil but they just increased production and really, it is not the production level that is the problem. The problem is the usage level. We keep on needing more and more and more and there just simply isn’t that much to go around.

Many people want drilling to start in Alaska and continue to spread throughout the western Rockies in Canada. The concern for the environment and the demand for oil keep bumping into one another. The fights are legitimate on both sides and really, there is no easy answer. Protecting animals and wildlife is a noble, important endeavor but people want to get around. People need to be mobile to a point. The cost of airplane tickets are skyrocketing. The other day a plane had to cancel its flight because the company could not afford fuel. What does this oil shortage mean for the world as we know it?

It seems that we will have to reconfigure the way that we do things. There has to be a way for us to live with the planet without destroying it drilling into every corner. Alternative fuels are not perfect but we will have to start using more of them and become more creative in the way we live. If we do not the price of gas or the lack of oil is going to be the end of life as we know it.

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