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July 11, 2008

G-8 Summit Zeros In On Africa

Africa was the main focus of the G-8 Summit in its opening rounds. While Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel called for tougher sanctions for Zimbabwe, other leaders were accused of not meeting their aide commitments. In 2005 at the G-8 Summit developed nations made a pledge to send a certain amount of aide to Africa. Canada, Italy and France were called out by activists about not putting more aide towards Africa.

The Eight nations that make up the G-8 Summit, Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, France and the United States all made aide contributions to Africa. However, activists are calling for more form a few of the countries. I know that Africa needs aide and I am all for sending aide there, but there are other concerns that must be addressed about Africa. There are several countries in Africa that have been in turmoil. Sending aide to these countries will not do anything to rectify the damage that has been done in these countries. Throwing money at some of the problems in Africa is not going to make any difference.

I know that withholding aide from countries that violate human rights can not be done. It only hurts that citizens of the country and the real people that need to be punished, the government, are not injured by that at all. However, there needs to be some type of system where countries that completely violate human rights, such Mugabe in Zimbabwe, are punished in some way. I don’t want to see anyone die but supply aide to a country run by Mugabe might not be in the world’s best interest.

Bush wants countries to provide mosquito nets for countries in Africa so that children do not die from bites. This is a reasonable aide solution. Provides the actual citizens of countries with something that they need. I hope that only supplies is given to these countries and not money. Supplies is what these countries need, not money to spend because it could be put towards the wrong things.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that he did not understand the criticism because commitments were being met. Another topic at the summit may be part of the reason why there were complaints about the amount of aide given. Food prices have skyrocketed and have made buying even the basic necessities very hard to purchase. No matter where you live in the world, money just doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.

While providing aide is imperative, Africa must also learn to police itself. Precautions must be taken to help ensure that there are no more baby booms in Africa. We must all learn that reproduction must be controlled to sustain the planet. If you can not feed the children that you have, do not have more. It may sound cruel to say but this simple philosophy can save you a ton of money. Not to mention, it also makes it possible for you to take care of yourself. Without those extra mouths to feed fending for yourself is so much easier.

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