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May 4, 2008

The Future of Those Tortured in Joseph Fritlz’s Cellar

What future can the captives of Joseph Fritlz’s cellar of horrors possibly have? As we all know, the future is in part determined by the past. This is an important factor to remember when figuring out what lies ahead for Elizabeth Fritlz and the three children that were a product of her father’s repeated rapes.

If the children and Elizabeth had been stranded on an island somewhere with no contact with the outside world things would be different. Elizabeth may have been in a coherent state and the children would have been exposed to the outdoors and a form of living. However, being locked in a cellar with a mother who is being tortured generally will not produce very viable beings. These children of the cellar will have a hard time having any type of functional life.

There is a certain point where children must be exposed to language of they are to ever have a decent vocabulary. Throughout history there have been children that have missed those critical times when language can be learned and they have not been able to acquire full vocabularies in adulthood. If children are not exposed to language by puberty they have a very difficult time picking it up. Of course, in the case of the Fritlz children, they were locked up with their mother, so there are a ton of questions about how much exposure they got form their mother. It is also important to keep in mind that all of the children were products of Joseph Fritlz’s torture, which most likely limited the amount of nurturing the tortured mother could give.

Elizabeth was repeated raped from the time she was eleven years old. This means that the poor woman was greatly scarred in her childhood. However, it is possible that her expose to the rest of the world before she was imprisoned showed her another side of life. Perhaps Elisabeth Fritlz will be able to recover to some state of being that resembles living.

Some of the questions that remain to be answered are if the three children that were to allowed to live in the house were girls or not? Was Fritlz planning on beginning a new generation of rape and torture with the children he fathered with his daughter? It will be interesting to see what type of punishment is given to this monster.

The innocence of Rosemarie Fritlz is the traditional sense of her not knowing what was going on in the cellar may be valid, but I believe he had some responsibility in this matter. If her husband was convicted of rape at some point in their marriage and if he continuously had information about their daughter, it seems like there should have been some suspicion. Although it is stated that Fritlz had a stranglehold on his home in which no questions could be asked about his behavior, a little bit of probing may have turned up some clues about the torture chamber where Joseph Fritlz held four innocent victims.

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3 Comment(s)

  1. Anna Rocco | May 6, 2008 | Reply

    I d kill him with my own hands, I d show him what is the real meaning of the word justice!

  2. carla | May 10, 2008 | Reply

    Un desgraciado asi que se excusa ante la justicia diciendo de que no es ningun monstro, no es un demente, fijense muy bien todo lo hizo de manera calculada, sucia y perversa. No se merece justicia alguna, la palabra justicia hay que utilizarla hacia el, no se merece un defensor publico como el actual que riene y que esta alegando que fritlz no se merece estar en la carcel sino en un psiquiatricom señores eso es una excusa irrefutable, ni la carcel es el peor de los castigos que puede exstir para un padre que comenzo a violar a su propia jiha a la edad de 11 años y asi lo hizo por los años siguientes, hasta que ideo la manera de separarla del mundo para tenerla solo para el y no como el dice que para tenerla segura porque la chica se llego a escapar , bebia y fumaba. Eso es pura excusa vil de parte de jhon fritlz ¿quien no va a tener una conducta asi , si te roban tu infancia?, desgraciado el mismo le destruto la vida a la pobre elizabeth, quien sabe cuantas veces no habra tenido ganas de matarse, pero por el temor de que el maldito viejo ese no le hiciera nada a sus hijos no lo hizo, esta mujer es una victima sacrificada de la peor manera. El maldito de frttlz se merece es que lo pongan con los otros prsos , se merecen que lo violen en reiterads ocasiones y que lo encierren en un zulo minimo y dia a dia sufra lo que sufrio l pobre elizabeth ¿eso es querer a un hijo? no me parece, el se merece la peor de las muertes en este mundo.

  3. Marikato | May 13, 2008 | Reply

    I would have put him in the same cellar that he had kept her OTHER family. Bloody animal, bastard!

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