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June 5, 2008

Paris And London See Fuel Price Protest

The anger about fuel prices spreads across the globe. Those that must make their living on the road are having trouble keeping up with the growing fuel prices. People that drive trucks and taxis staged protest in Paris and London to show their discontent. Fisherman also took to the streets demanding that the government in London do something about the high fuel prices.

Traffic snarled on several major roads and congestion quickly added up. A new tax on heavily polluting vehicles was being protested as well in Paris. Traffic was stopped but the fuel prices did not come down. What exactly do such protest do to change the state of the fuel prices?

I do understand how terrible it is to not be able to make ends meet. Fisherman in the UK are paying so much money to keep fuel in their boats that they are having trouble paying their crews. Truckers are having trouble buying sky high diesel and many cab drivers are unable to keep enough fuel in their cars.

The fuel crisis is helping to fund the food shortage issues in some parts of the world. Most things are transported by trucks and the more it cost to transport food and other essential items, the more it cost to buy them. The inflation that is being seen in many parts of the world is due in part to high fuel prices.

Protest do little to help the situation. In fact, there is a good chance that protests may not do anything for fuel costs. Drops have not been seen in places where protests have raged over the few last weeks. We must work to find some other way to meet the fuel demands of the world.

Alternative fuels have been controversial in the past and electric cars are rumored to not be able to run long enough at one time. Public transportation is something that many of us do not use because we like our space and the ability to drive ourselves. Very few people car pool or take part in ride share programs. The amount of money spent on defense and space exploration greatly overwhelms efforts to find alternative ways to get around and fuel our vehicles.

I was watching an interesting program on recycling. I was amazed to see some of inventions that environmentalist were coming up with. Yes, alternative fuel sources will operate differently than what we have now and we may not be able to travel in cars the way that we always have but surely there are other ways to get around. Paying five dollars or more for gas when your income is not increasing to meet the price is simply not doable. Something must give and unfortunately, it has to be us.

Instead of protesting gas prices, we should be protesting governments that are slow to move on locating alternative fuel sources. Having more fuel is something that may not be possible without destroying more of the earth. We need to start fighting for the right things when it comes to fuel.

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