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June 5, 2008

Fredric J Baur: Buried In A Can?

What is the strangest burial request you have heard of? I’ve heard of people that wanted to be buried in their cars, with their motorcycles or the stuffed body of a favorite pet. I think that some of those are strange but I am happy that the families followed through with them. After all, it’s the person last chance to have what they want in this world. Might as well just go along with what they want. What could it hurt to follow their directions this one last time?

The man that invented the Pringles can died recently. His burial request was very unique and his family was kind enough to follow through with it. Fredric J Baur died last month at 89 years of age. He died in Cincinnati, the city in which he was born and he made a special request as to what type of burial container he was to be placed in. Baur designed the can of a popular brand of potato chips called Pringles and he wanted to be buried in one of the cans.

Baur was cremated and his remains were put in an urn and a Pringles can. Baur was very proud of his invention and he obviously wanted to forever be connected to his invention. Although this is a strange request I think it is honorable the his family honored it. Others may have ignored his wishes simply because they were uncomfortable with what Baur wanted.

Baur created the Pringles can and filed for the patent in 1966. In 1970 he was given that patent and the Pringles can became a staple of Proctor and Gamble. The curved container is still in use today and shows no signs of leaving stores. The Pringles are stacked in a row in the containers which make for easy travel.

I think that this should be lesson to anyone that goes completely against the wishes of their dead loved one. Last year when my grandmother died, I was very upset that my aunt and other family members decided to bury her in the state of Georgia. My grandmother was born and raised in Alabama and she lived there until she got dementia and had to move in with my aunt. My aunt wanted her body close so that she could visit the grave site and I totally understand that. However, my grandmother wanted to be buried in the place that she loved. I think that her wishes should have been honored.

I can’t say what happens in the afterlife, or even if there is a clear cut after life. There is a chance that we just cease to be and that is what death brings us. However, I think that the world and life is much, more complex than that. Whatever happens after we die, I think that putting an expired person into a peaceful resting state is very important. Baur’s family should be commended for following the instructions of their lost loved one. I think that is the only way to truly let someone be at peace.

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