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November 21, 2008

Four Adults Dead in Toronto

Here we go again. Yet more murders in Toronto. It is really getting scary especially since we live here. There were two males and two females found dead along with a family dog. Apparently, this was a triple murder suicide. Certainly not the first one this city has seen and probably not the last! An elderly couple lived in the home with their son at 12 Welwyn Ave. Their names were Wanda and Keith Delong in their 50’s or 60’s. She loved to bird watch and he loved to fish and garden.

A man was arrested near the home suspected of the murders. He was led away weeping and in handcuffs. They also had a grown daughter Elizabeth who did not live with them but visited often. Police received a call in the early morning of Wed, Nov 19 that there was something going on in the neighborhood. The Delong house was already decorated for the holidays. Strangely, a note was left on the front door that read, “Do not enter, Call Police’’! I mean if that is not ridiculous. When they did enter, the bodies were found. Apparently, calls to the residence went unanswered, which prompted family to go to the home.

This is indeed one of those confusing cases. There is no motive for these murders. They seemed like a happy family although they may have been having financial problems as they recently re-mortgaged their home. Autopsies on the four victims are going to take place later in the week. Perhaps they will learn more after that. The police are tight-lipped and not giving out too many details just yet. They will be notifying next of kin. They will not give out any more information until after the post-mortems are done on the bodies. Police Sergeant Pauline Grey did say that the murders are quote, “a case of familial violence.”

Everyone is shocked because they all seemed so nice and smart. They had good friends in the neighborhood. The couple was to leave for a trip to Mexico to check on Wanda’s mother who is gravely ill and presumed dying. It is a shock to the whole neighborhood. The police are still investigating and canvassing the area and asking questions. They did divulge that there was a fair amount of violence evident at the scene. You can only imagine the horror that something like this would invoke. They are asking anyone that may have any information to contact them.

This is indeed a horrible and devastating case. There is no news as to how these people actually died. I am sure that will be divulged in time once the investigation wraps up. I hope that whatever happened these people are at peace and the killer will be brought to justice.

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