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July 16, 2008

Fort Bragg Dangerous Place For Women Soldiers

Another woman is missing at Fort Bragg. This time the story is about Holley Wilmunc, a 24 year old soldier that went missing following a fire at her apartment. Arson is suspected dint he blaze which means that we may be in for another sad ending.

There are court papers stating that John Wilmunc, Holley’s husband held a gun to her head in May and threatened to kill himself. John Wilmunc is a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune. Investigators have reportedly spoken to Holley’s husband and the case is being treated as a missing person’s case.

We all know where missing person cases can end up. Really, adults don’t go missing. They either leave voluntarily or they are removed against their will. Marines are well trained for murder, deception and a score of other useful things that can make solving cases that they may be suspects in very difficult. A few weeks ago a pregnant Army Spc. disappeared from Fort Bragg. Her body was later found in a hotel close to Fort Bragg.

I hope that Holley fairs better. If someone has taken her captive, hopefully they will let her go unharmed. Her car is still in the apartment parking lot and no one was in the apartment at the time of the fire. Holley works in the mother and baby ward of the hospital at Fort Bragg. No one wants to hear about another young woman losing her life.

The Army solider that disappeared and was murdered a few weeks ago was Megan Lynn Touma. She was 23 and pregnant and a person of interest has been identified. The person of interest is in the army as well.

There are a couple of different types of people that are attracted to military service. The very patriot, the very poor and those that harbor criminal intentions but want to channel them into something good. The only problem with that is that channeling does not always work. Sometimes all of that training to fight to enemy is used for other purposes.

So dating fellow officers might not be a good idea. Several women military women have turned up dead over the past few months and the suspects seem to be other military personnel. The pregnant Marine that was murdered a few months ago was murdered by a fellow Marine who was able to use his survival techniques to live in desolate areas of Mexico. He was eventually captured but was able to elude investigators for some time because of his military training.

What can be done to make the military safer for women? Should female soldiers just avoid dating other soldiers? Of course there are no guarantees and unfortunately, men kill their love interests at a fair steady rate even if they are not military personnel. So what can women do to protect themselves? At this point it seems like very little. Military officers have the means and training to hurt their lovers in a way that most people do not. Weapons and suspicion are just part of everyday life in the military.

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