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February 10, 2011

Forget The TV

 What’s on the tube these days? As you must already realize- nothing much. It seems the squawk box has become filled with more commercials that actual programming; if that’s what you want to call it. It seems the advertising world is growing larger and larger as we consume more and more of random crap we could live without. Everything on the tube these days can be placed in the following categories: Sex, violence, nonsensical “reality” programming”, and as you must have guessed – long and repetitive commercials.

With the huge influx of “reality” TV, society is being reflected in an interesting manner- that we are even more vain and superficial than we actually thought. I mean by the time we actually have tel-a-vision show called the swan in which women compete to get butchered this really reflects a poor self image of our society. It seems we have been over indulging in celebrity talk shows and programs like TMZ in which we have succumbed to watch every idol moment a celebrity makes. Like oh my “ Nicole Kidman waves to a crowd then gets into her car”, my what a interesting story !

I can’t really wrap my mind over this pop culture craze. It’s beyond comprehension- it’s beyond rationalization and idolization. Not to mention the children’s shows these days- no wonder our youth is so messed up these days, look at what they have been subjected to. Do you realize there are now commercials that are like those chat line dating- but now you “text” SEXY and get a hot message- are you kidding me? No, really are you kidding me?

I’m overwhelmed about television these days, if you’ve notice that when you watch a movie or sports game the same commercials are repeated over and over for each break- as if to subtly brainwash the public into consuming more and more crap we don’t really need- oh wait, did I just say that again?

And even if you buy into the satellite deal, you have 400 something channels with guess what? Nothing on. Literally, I used to have satellite and essentially it’s the same shows in different time zones. Or specialized channels, the only interesting ones are travel, civilization and anything in which you can learn- only problem is you have to subscribe to satellite or get digital cable- and this summer everything is going digital.

With the current state of affairs going on around the globe, it’s saddening folks are more consumed and interested in what the score of the game is, who’s dating who in the celebrity world rather than the problems in Darfur, China and Iraq- not to mention other domestic unrests in other countries. But people don’t want to hear about the depressing things going on; no we would rather watch a movie about it rather than do something to solve it.

It’s time to bash the TV, pick up a book and educate yourself and if not for yourself, do it for the youth and the world around you. It’s time to end the self centeredness we have been revolving around and do something about healing the world in which we live.

We need to get off our butts and explore new avenues of creative expression- because if this cycle does not end now, we are headed downhill and faster than you can switch it to channel 18.

Written By: Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers

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  1. Annabelle Echo | May 7, 2008 | Reply

    I’m with you sister. I like your style! Keep complaining, especially about TMZ. I wonder how the losers moronic so called correspondents on that show would like it if the not-famous followed them around at all hours of the day and night with a telescope focused on their butts and pimples!

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