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June 20, 2008

Foot On Canadian Coast Is a Fake

Well, the “mystery” of the feet that continue to wash up on the British Columbian coast is not quite over, but a new development has discredited the latest foot as a fake. The foot that washed up on the coast the other day was a hoax. The foot turned out to be a skeletonized animal paw that was put inside of a sock and athletic shoe. Someone took the time to pack it with dry seaweed as well.

As the foot was examined and the DNA of the foot was investigated, it was discovered that it was not a human foot at all. A forensic anthropologist ad anthropologist saw took a look at the so called foot and declared it a fake. This was a relieve of some sorts but it also angered those that out their precious time into determining that the foot was fake. Think about all of the effort it takes to get an anthropologist and forensic anthropologist together. Not to mention the coroners office and police officers that gather at the crime scene. All of that time and money was spent because someone was silly enough to want to pull a hoax?

There are plenty of real crimes that need investigating and forensic anthropologist. Anyone that takes away from real crimes just to get a silly laugh should be charged with something. It is not funny to get the fears of loved ones stirred up when they have a missing family member and a body part turns up. It is not a joke when investigators take time from real crimes scenes to investigate something that is not real. The person that played this joke should be punished because this is no joking manner.

Initially when the feet started to wash up on shore it was thought that they may be from men that died in a plane crash offshore. While it was just a bizarre story to most of us, these feet that used to belong to people who belonged to families and communities were potentially devastating. Yes it is a weird story to have feet turn up on shore and for some it might seem like a joke but really, remember that these are people. Someone loved the people that are now dead and a certain level of respect needs to be there for them.

Now that this foot has proven to be a hoax, hopefully this weirdness is over. It is not funny to think that some strange sadistic killer is roaming around hurting people. It is not a joke to have to lock your doors at night and wonder if there is a killer loose or if the murderers are gang related. If someone knows how this foolish prankster is they should step forward and give information on them. Let the joke be on them when they are charged with a crime. This is one of those cases where the perpetrator deserved a strong lesson even though their crime did not leave anyone permanently hurt. Someone should pay the price for this type of foolishness.

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