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January 30, 2011

Food Safety, Or The Lack Of

The other day a client of mine was talking about her trip to another country. She was leaving the next day and was telling me how friends had told her to not eat any of the fresh fruit or vegetables while she was there. “Nothing is safe to eat over there,” She said. I listened and waited until she had talked herself into accepting the that she was going to gain a ton of weight while she was on vacation because she would be unable to eat fruits and vegetables while she was away. All the while I was thinking about all of the food safety issues I have heard about in the recent months that took place on home soil.

The funny thing about listening to this justification is that while she was telling me this, I had just read about how contaminated our water supplies are with pharmaceuticals. The population is so incredibly drugged that the water that comes out of the tap is more like a low grade cocktail of medicine. There are some countries that have taken measures to eliminate some of the pharmaceuticals from the water supplies, but those countries are not in North America. This story came across my path after several others about the lack of food safety over the past few weeks. Most people have seen the pictures of workers in slaughterhouses shoving lethargic cattle into trucks to be slaughtered and put into the food chain. Those photos would be part of what would lead to the largest beef recall in the history of the United States. It seems to me that the safety of the food and water that we put in our bodies is questionable no matter where you happen to be. Third World countries or North America, there are food recalls on a fairly regular basis.

I try to buy as much organic food and food grown in my neighborhood as possible. This is a costly endeavor but I like to know where the food I get is coming from. Once I have a big enough yard I will surely have a formidable garden and grow as much of my own food as possible. Until then I have to shop carefully. The truth is, our food supply is a very unstable commodity.

I don’t live in a state of paranoia but I do worry about the quality of food that is on store shelves. With recalls coming quite frequently, how can you tell if the food you are buying and eating is safe? Well, quite simply, you just can’t. However, finding out where your food is coming from can help you figure out if you want to purchase it or not.

As far as the water goes…well now that one can be a little bit more difficult. A distilling unit in your home is your best bet for removing more of the junk that is in the tap water. Bottled waters are generally glorified versions of tap water so they usually are not a big help. However, there are some places that have worked hard to remove pharmaceuticals from the water, such as Germany, that you can buy bottled water from. That way, even if the bottled water from Germany is just tap water you will be getting a cleaner version.

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  1. Sumith | Mar 23, 2008 | Reply

    Have enjoyed your writing.Thanks. We should not be dependent on bottled water because it will create less demand for tap water. And less demand means our government/ municipality will not care of maintain the quality of tap water. Before buying a bottle of water one should consider that millions of people can not afford this in the world.

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