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June 8, 2008

First Civil Union By Gay Episcopal Bishop

A bishop in the Episcopal church has entered into a civil union with his partner of 20 years in New Hampshire. The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson and his partner Mark Andrew had a civil ceremony that makes their partnership legal. The ceremony was given in a church and was followed by a religious service.

The Anglican Church has been in an uproar since Robinson was made a bishop in 2003. The church has informed Robinson that he will not be able to take part in the once in a decade Anglican Communion gathering in England. Robinson also did not announce the date of the civil ceremony because he feared for he and his partner’s safety.

I’m not Anglican and I do understand that change is hard, especially when you have hundreds of years of liturgy that has been ingrained into you. However, if we are all honest about our religions, no matter what they are, the rules that govern them were made up by humans. Often times, the rules were based on what would be best for law and order or multiplication of the followers. There are some rules in long standing religious practices that are outdated.

Churches must evolve with their followers. I can not say that homosexuality is right or wrong but I can say that two people that have been together for twenty years are married in spirit. If they want to make that marriage or union official and legal, who am I to say that they should not be allowed to do so.

Further more, if Robinson is a pious man who follows the traditions of the Anglican church then he should be a bishop and allowed to attend the Anglican conference. Those of us that grew up in Catholic Church know all too well what happens when human sexuality is suppressed. Let humans be human. Even holy persons need someone to love and be intimate with. Just because you are a person of the cloth does not mean that you have no needs.

I am okay with anyone entering a marriage or union if they are in love and have a positive, productive relationship. If the people happen to be the same sex, well, so what? How does that effect my life? It doesn’t, so I really have no opinion on that. In fact I don’t think that any of us that are not gay have the right to tell a gay person what they should and should not do. Live, love and be happy.

Love is not something to be taken lightly. If you can find someone that you have real connections with and that you love, I would imagine you would want the world to know. If someone has a chance to be happy and experience love, I say go for it. Ignore those that are too wrapped up in someone else’s business. Let’s just mind our own lives and let others have what they need to be happy in this world.

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