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May 17, 2008

Father Wanted Son To Be His Wife?

There seem to be more and more disturbing stories about parents and children these days. A couple of weeks ago there was a report about a man in Colorado that was suspected of killing his father. Jeremiah Berry has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Jack Berry. The thought of a son killing his father is disturbing enough but it is why Berry says he killed his father that is bizarre and even more troubling than the murder itself.

Jeremiah Berry claims that his father told him God wanted him to get a sex change and become his wife. Allegedly, after this revelation was given, Jack Berry raped him. Jeremiah claims that after the rape his father said that he would take him into the mountains, make him his girlfriend and murder the rest of the family. These are of course allegations at this time pending further investigation but what a terrible chain of events.

The story of course gets worse. Jeremiah confessed to shooting his father in the back of his head and stabbing him 199 times before dismembering the body. After dismemberment he skinned the body, cut off the head, hands and feet and fed the flesh to coyotes. Okay, I could understand murdering someone in a fit of rage and shock after they raped you but I am puzzled about the dismemberment and the skinning part. Of course I don’t know what type of situation existed before the alleged rape occurred or what type of mental state Jeremiah Berry was in at the time but the mutilation of the body seem a little extreme.

Although nothing has been proven, hearing that a father raped his son is not so unthinkable these days. When I hear something as horrible as that I am not that surprised. It is clear that there are many, many deep dark secrets hidden in the homes of people around the world. The pain and anguish that is doled out behind closed doors is probably much more than we can imagine. Think about it this way, the recent cases of parents raping their children that have come out of Austria and the Untied States are ones we know about, think about what we don’t know. How many other children grow up to be adults that are terrorized by their parents?

It will be interesting to see what else comes out of the case of Jeremiah Berry. He is 20 years old, around the age that many people start to make a break from their parents and move into being an adult. Rape is one of the most potent ways to exercise complete control over a person. To force sex on someone is both a physical and psychological way of controlling them. Although all rape is terrible, being raped by a parent is probably the worst rape possible. The picture of young Jeremiah Berry presumably taken at a jailhouse somewhere in Colorado shows a wide eyed young man who looks like he is in a state of shock. Another young life ruined.

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  1. J Alex | Mar 19, 2009 | Reply

    First of all let me say Jack was straight as can be. He was award a heroism medal for bravery by the city of Colorado Springs. I met his girl friend and had been to his home numerous times. Things didnt work out for him and Angie, and do they always for anyone? He helped his daughter out when she was strung out on drugs, he tried his best to make sure her little baby was safe. He did everything he could do to protect the child. Well as it happened, she randomly sobered up and showed back up one day to take her kid back. With that kind of history would you, readily hand a child over? The drugs were a major issue and the risk was way to great.. All this sexual B.S is just that B.S. What would you say if you knew you were going to jail for the rest of your life? It’s total bullshit. Jack was murdered, plain and simple. What kind of person does that to a body who is not very disturbed? The whole 2nd degree thing is unbelieveable. I guess it must just be easier for the state to persue.
    Jack was a class act. He worked hard and did everything he could do to keep his word. I dont know what really happened out there, and I really dont think we will ever. All I can say is over the numerous years Jack and I were friends, He had always been a standup guy. That being said, he ran into alot or bad luck. Jack was a good man, murdered by a very lost person.

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