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April 29, 2008

Father Holds Daughter Captive and Has Seven Children With Her!

Why, why, why are there stories like this in the world! So a man in Austria decides to lock his daughter in a cellar and rape her continuously, fathering seven children with her. Apparently this man, Josef Fritlz committed these horrors against his daughter Elizabeth while he and his wife and three of the children, lived above the steel door cellar.

The children that Elizabeth gave birth to, three of which lived up top, were not a clue for the mother. Now, in her defense, the mother, Rosemarie was told by her husband that Elizabeth had dropped the children off on their doorstep. However, it seems strange to me that three grandchildren would be dropped off on the doorstep and Elizabeth was never seen by her mother? As a mother, it seems like you would kind of wonder why your husband always saw your daughter and you did not.

I am not saying that Rosemarie Frtilz had anything to do with the situation, because it sounds like she honestly did not. However, I can’t help but wonder why the mother was so willing to accept the information that her husband gave her. It began with the daughter running away. Then there was the restriction from the cellar that extended underneath the house they lived in and the garden. Rosemarie and the three children that did not live in the cellar were told to not go near the door of the structure that held Elizabeth and three of her children. Josef Fritlz was the only person that knew they were there. If something had happened to him, car crash, heart attack, anything, Elizabeth and her three children would have starved to death. Their screams would have fallen silent against the soundproof structure they were held captive in.

This man has taken away twenty years of his daughter’s life. He has raped her and probably made it impossible for her to have any semblance of a normal life. How do you comeback from being locked in a cellar for a couple of decades? How does a parent steal life from their child like that? According to news reports, Josef Frtilz began molesting his daughter when she was just eleven years old. He destroyed her childhood and then when she turned eighteen and had a chance to escape his reign, he locked her away. Oh, what monsters we breed in this world.

What will become of the Fritzl family? What will happen to these children that were conceived between a father and a daughter? What will happen to the monster that has destroyed all of these lives? It is stories like this tat make me wonder if the hopes I have for the world are realistic. If a father can do this to his children, how can I expect strangers to be kind to one another? Sometimes the news headlines are so sad that I can’t help but wonder what expectations are obtainable when it comes to the world. I guess that those of us that want to see goodness in the world have to work twice as hard to creative positive situations to make up for the extremely devastating ones that people like Fritzl create.

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3 Comment(s)

  1. Monalisa | May 4, 2008 | Reply

    This is utterly shocking, disgusting, horrifying to know that such a crime can be hidden for so long and people like Josef can get away with it having none suspecting his filth ,lust & inhuman activity.I still wonder how can Rosemary does not suspect her husband who had been lying for so long & living a dual life??!! What about Elisabeth’s other siblings??
    Unfortunately,this is the kind of world we live in which breeds , nurtures people like Josef who commits crime which is beyond imagination & also some women who are very happy & satisfied living under husband’s shadow & dictatorship. As much as Josef is responsible for this horrible crime for destroying so many lives ; Rosemary & rest other family members are equally responsible for their unacceptable ingnorance & callousness. Fisteen years imprisonment is still too less a punsihment for Josef. He should be given life time rigorous imprisonment or he should be buried alive for his cruelty as cruelty begets cruelty not forgivness!

  2. Millicent Yoko | May 17, 2008 | Reply

    What still puzzle me is that Joseph does not see any wrong he has done. I think he should be reminded about morality and laws and rules becaue he has chosen to forget. It is not that he does not know that what he was doing was wrong. He was fully aware and is still aware and if he was not caught, he could still be doing so.

    He is not remorseful, unrepentant monster. I read somewhere where he said he ´´kept on going there´´–Sounds like a personal decision even if he knew it was wrong. It is a pity he is so old but still, he deserves death. Keeping him in prison may not help because prisons in Austria are luxery anyway.

    What puzzle me is the fact that Rosemary did not suspect anything. What kind of a mother is this. She did not have any clue or she was too ignorant. How could a mother be passive..i do not blame her but i just can´t get the irony that she did not suspect all these long and never even tried to find Elizabeth or the sect that she had joined.

    Isn´t it obvious that even when people join sect, somehow the sects are known and registered though they are secretive. Again, how could she not even wonder why the sect could not keep the children that were ´born´to them Did she think the sect leaders or the men who conceived her daughter never wanted all these children? Not even a dot of suspicion from her?

    I would really like to hear something from her. I have spent sleepless night thinkng of the nightmare. But how was Elizabeth giving birth without help? How about if she was sick?

  3. Lynn | Mar 16, 2009 | Reply

    I really don’t know who is sicker, the father, or the enablers around him that believed and supported him. He must have frightened the people around him not to even be curious enough to question his “stories” about where his grandchildren came from. A lesson for us all to follow our feelings when something doesn’t seem right. Somebody had to have known something that didn’t come forward.

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