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July 11, 2008

Fake Priest Caught in Vatican

Who would take the time to fake being a priest? I don’t know what the draw is for someone to do something like that but it obviously was attractive to someone. Not to mention, there are places where I guess you might be able to get away with that, but this person chose a very peculiar spot. Not only did they fake being a priest, they faked being a priest in the Vatican. The very belly of the Catholic Church. This of course, is not something that the Vatican needs after all of the controversy surrounding molestation charges against priest.

People want to know that they can trust the person that they go to confess to. Secrets and things that people do not tell anyone else are passed on in confession. Confession is a very private time that resembles counseling. You go into a little room where you feel safe and you unload the burdens of your mind. You really need the person listening to be someone that you can trust. Of course, if you are dealing with someone that is pretending to be a priest, they could take you secrets and do all types of things with them.

The incident is not being given a timeframe, which is even more disturbing. How does one fake being a priest in the Vatican? Well, apparently documents exposed this guy and he was tried by a tribunal. The Vatican court system is separate from the church. Last year they had to pass out a drug conviction for the first time ever. A former employee of the Holy See was suspended for cocaine possession. That just goes to further prove the point that priest and other holy people. They do the same things that everyone else does.

The fake priest was in the basilica, wearing clerical garb. He was getting read to hear confessions at the time he was caught. It is not clear from the reports if this man was able to hear confessions at one point or if he was caught before any of that took place. What this guy caught on his first day of pretending to be a priest or was this something the occurred over a few days or weeks? The Vatican is not elaborating much on such topics.

It seems that the priest in the Vatican have papers that they carry on them at all times. The staff in the basilica spotted the fake priest and caught him. Who was this person? Of course we will probably never know and what became of him after his stint of fake priesthood is unclear as well. However, it seems that your chances of running into him in the Vatican are nonexistent now which is a good thing.

Generally the tribunal in the Vatican sees cases involving stolen wallet to something very trivial. The drug case and the fake priest case are very much out of their realm. However, it just goes to show that anything can happen anywhere. Be aware of your surroundings and the priest that you confess to.

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