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February 20, 2011

Extreme Churches and Parents Who Give Their Children Up To Abusers

Throughout history there have been plenty of examples of polygamy and child brides. In fact, marriage being about love and companionship is a relatively new concept if you look at the institution from it’s induction. Many cultures still have a hard time embracing the idea that love should be the guiding principle of marriage.

Recently the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints had one of their compounds raided because a young girl called and reported that she had been abused. It seems that the arrest warrant for the man accused of sexually abusing the girl ahs been dropped. However, the phone call from the girl sparked investigators to take the children away from the compound were they lived.

Apparently young girls were being married off to adult men who would have sexually abuse them and oftentimes, impregnate them. The Mormons do not recognize the FLDS sect which practices polygamy and allegedly, marries children off to grown men.

What adults do is their business. If you wish to be one of several wives of a man and you are old enough to understand what that means, so be it. However, if you are given to a man as a young girl with no knowledge of what sex or the institution of marriage are really about, you are being abused and you should be removed from the home. If that means that hundreds of children are taken away form their parents, I hate to say it, but then that is what must happen.

Of course, one of the major problems, in my opinion, with the Untied States, particularly the south and south-western United States is the devotion to religion. There is nothing wrong with being religious but to never be able to think outside of the religious box that you are raised in, can hinder you from clear thinking. I have a religion and I love and respect it but does that make everything that my religion teaches right? Absolutely not. The rules of religion were constructed by man and no man could clearly interpret God’s message. Even if you do not believe in God, you can understand that due to reasons of hierarchy, the highest entity has much more knowledge than the lower beings.

So what makes people follow these extreme religions that require them to do things such as give their children up to people who are going to abuse them? Recently authorities raided another church compound were the leader said he had to have sex with seven virgins, a couple of which were underage. What could make parents agree to give their children over to people that are going to destroy their lives? Has life become that desolate?

Everyone is searching for something to believe in and be a part of. Religion can have a certain lure for the desperate. It is vital that we know ourselves very well before we beginning investigating any institution that aims to change the way we think or live. People that join extreme churches and agree to sacrifice their children have been hypothesized by the sense of belonging to something that matters and is bigger than they are.

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