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July 26, 2011

Exciting New Concept Of Coworking For Telecommuters

My dream is to one day soon be able to work somewhere other than a cubicle. However, I do not intend to always work from the comfort, or isolation of my home. Working from home is very nice but really, at the end of the day, it can be great to get out and interact with others that are working on similar projects.

One of the things that I love about writing is that I can do it from anywhere. I can take a notebook or my laptop to the coffee shop and enjoy being out in the sunshine while I write. I don’t have to be confined to a desk or complete everything at one time. I can take breaks when I want to and there are no co-workers that don’t pull their weight. Everything is on me and the success and standard of my work depends solely on me. However, it can be very nice to be around other writers that are pecking away at their keyboards or writing furiously in their notebooks. We might only exchange a few pleasantries but sometimes there are conversations and experiences shared. Information about writing conferences and publishers begin to come out and a kinship is created.

In cities around North America so called coworking is catching on quickly. Peers in the telecommuter world bring their laptops to a coffee shop and work. Sitting along side others that are telecommuters, their separate projects are completed and without the isolation of being at home. This is the ideal step for telecommuters, especially those that spend many hours working. Being locked away in your house can get very lonesome. Not to mention working at home can evolve into a state of constant work with no time to enjoy your domicile. You can end up working long hours that make your home feel like a prison. Sunny days may come and go, passing by without you ever stepping outside. This is not a good way to live.

Coworking is a great way for telecommuters to find a cozy environment that allows them to interact when they want to and feel like they are being social. I think that it is the ideal way to work. The overwhelming majority of us have to work, why not do it in an environment that provides just enough interaction to keep us happy and enough separation to keep us sane. Imagine abandoning the tedious commute and walking to a local café with your laptop under your arm. Think about how great it would feel sitting next people that are pleasant and working on similar project but that you don’t have to rely on for anything. I love my co-workers when we are off the clock but all of them have their little quirks that get underneath my skin when we are working. If we were in the same area but working on totally different projects that did not effect one another, I would always love them. Telecommuting is not for everyone but if you are looking for a change it might be just right for you.

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