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June 7, 2008

Everyone Outraged About Marriage Annulment Except The Wife?

A decision in France has the world up in arms. A marriage was annulled because a woman said she was virgin and was not. The decision to annul the marriage came through the other day, making many people angry. However, the woman in the marriage annulment case is relieved to have the marriage over. The fact that an appeal was ordered has the woman rather unhappy.

The thing about this case is that the ruling was passed down because the marriage was seen as a contractual agreement. Lying about being a virgin negated the contract. That was what the ruling was based on. When you first hear that, it is difficult to not be outraged. When I first read the headline and a couple lines of the story, I was angry. Then, as soon as I found out that the woman was okay with the ruling and that she wanted out of the marriage, I was okay with the ruling. It is important that we view the situation for what it is. Actually, if the annulment had not been granted, the woman’s rights would have been more compromised than they are by this ruling because she wanted out of the marriage.

I know that people around the globe have reacted to this ruling an said that it is a step back for women, but really it is not. This ruling is based on the secular principles that a contract was breeched. The woman is not upset about the ruling and I think that we should leave the situation alone. We must be careful what we wish for others. Just because something rubs us the wrong way does not mean that our outrage is justified. Try to see the situation for what it is.

France’s secular law has been questioned in this ruling. However, the reason for the ruling has nothing to do with religion. Just because the case involved a Muslim couple does not mean that the ruling was passed down based on religion. The world must look outside of the box and see that this has nothing to do with religion. The court passed down a ruling based on secular ideas.

The woman in question is a 25 year old nursing student in northern France. She does not want the publicity or the weight of being someone’s symbol. She just wants to go on with her life and I don’t think that she is asking for too much. Who wants the world digging around in their divorce? No one. The fact that the French media has latched on to this story and sent it around the world is probably this young woman’s worst nightmare. The French politicians and other leaders around the world that are appalled should not make this case their leg to stand on. Give this woman her privacy and let her live the life of a single, free woman. After all, isn’t that a better fate than being married to a man that does not want you because he is not your first, one and only lover? I think it is.

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