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September 2, 2011

Putting the spotlight on eToro Forex Platform – new experience

I have been using eToro since 2008. After being with eToro for over 3 years, I have decided to write a new article with new features and programs. This may help those newcomers to make an informed decision. The opinion in this article is solely based on my experience and my findings.

Introduction to eToro Forex Platform

Simplify your trade and amplify it by joining the online international financial trading company – eToro. Co- founded by two brothers Jonathan Assia and Ronen Assia of Cyprus, eToro is presently the global leader in virtual trading, with its headquarters at Limassol, Cyprus. eToro Forex Trading Platform has made it possible for traders all over the world, whether small or big,  to do business with reputed global companies, which was not possible before. So, in a nutshell, prior boundaries between any two trading companies, hindering their mutual growth and development, have simply been rent asunder by eToro, in a good, progressive manner.

What is eToro?

eToro is a financial services currency trading company, set up with the sole goal of being able to minimize the complicity of trade so that common people may also try their hand at virtual trading. With each passing day, eToro is touching new heights and stealing the show from the rest of its competitors. There are many platforms for e-trading provided by eToro, such as the eToro OpenBook, eToro desktop, eToro Forex, etc. However, among all these platforms the most commonly availed is the eToro Forex.

Forex, the condensed form of Foreign Exchange Market, is a platform for foreign exchange. Usually, this platform is used by international trade brokers. It must be said, however, that many aspects are to be taken into consideration before engaging in any foreign dealing in eToro Forex. Professional traders put their money into another country only after being pretty sure about feasible political and economical conditions there for trade. Due to small unit exchange, eToro has a very high volume of trading. Each day, round about $4 trillion goes through eToro Forex.

Competitors of eToro Forex Platform

On the web, there are countless virtual trading companies vying with eToro. Among various competitors of this trading platform, here are the most prominent ones: Interbank FX, OANDA Trade2Win, Free Ticket Exchange, Easy-Forex, Tradesmarter and Marketcetera. However, none of these companies have ever come close to being a true match for eToro. There are some basic reasons why eToro is considered the best option for e-trading. Here are some:

  • eToro is customer friendly. Traders working with eToro feel as though they are dealing with close friends while trading. This is the mantra for topping the list of virtual trading companies: treating every single customer with a special, caring and customized approach. eToro has made it a point to simplify the trade jargons, so that even a layman understands it.
  • We may call eToro with another label: Responsible Trading Company. This moniker is how eToro is known throughout the world. Most virtual companies mint money by making hollow promises of fair trading. It is only eToro which has maintained a good record of hassle free trade, therefore attracting maximum online traders towards it.
  • It is the number of members that counts in trading. eToro has members from more than 130 countries. There is no other place to see the biggest pool of Sultans of e-trading except at eToro Forex. This simple fact is enough to rate eToro the best of all online trading companies.

Advantages of eToro Forex

  • As mentioned above, the most important aspect of eToro Forex is its simplicity. You may be just a beginner but eToro Forex will guide you through the thick and thin of e-trading. This aspect is lacking in other virtual trading companies. Their websites are full of trade jargons and other technical elements limiting them to experienced traders only.
  • eToro Forex is easy to start with. Just go to the official website and download the platform from the homepage, and get going. No registration, no documents required – free for every user.
    • You are never alone when trading and investing with eToro Forex. The company provides a launching pad for their customers to the largest investment network of the world. This helps you grow manifold:  you get a chance to interact with your friends and notice their progress, and vice versa. Also, this feature is something which only eToro provides to its customers, you can emulate the best global traders and can get inspiration from them to trade like a pro. Keep in mind the aforementioned fact that eToro Forex has customers from more than 130 companies. Just click the profile of your guru and know what makes him the best trader.
    • What hinders people the most when it comes to availing online trading options? Any guesses? Yes, the debt. No one wants to fall in debt, of course. In one stroke, eToro Forex eliminated this problem by making it debt free. You will be doing business on your basic amount. There is no way that you can lose more than your basic deposit. One of the main reasons why online traders are joining hands with eToro Forex is this debt free mechanism.
    • Most competitors of eToro Forex ask you to invest in the company and nothing else. On the contrary, eToro Forex Trading Platform goes beyond this basic trading relationship. The company provides you with everything under one roof. They hold online classes, give trading practice, and explain platform guide, etc., thus making eToro Forex a comprehensive company.
    • If you do not want to start an online business, at least give it a try. How can you do it? Only at eToro Forex. We offer free accounts for beginners so that they may try their hand at e-trading. So much so, eToro Forex credits new traders with $10,000 in their virtual account so that they may get used to the e-business atmosphere before actually starting it.
    • eToro Forex has a solution for everything. There are many traders, especially Muslims, who do not want to deal with interest based business. To overcome this problem and to open gates for Muslim investors all over the world, eToro Forex has special accounts for them by the title “Islamic Accounts.” These accounts on eToro – Forex Trading are totally interest free and in accordance with Islamic law.

Reputation of a company can be measured by noticing how global media reports it. In the past couple of years, eToro Forex has always been in the limelight for all good reasons. “VIRTUAL TRADING MAKES CHAMPION MONEY MEN”, says the headline of the reputed newspaper The Times. Examples like this are many; time is limited; but one thing is sure; eToro Forex is the best.

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  1. Saad | Oct 1, 2012 | Reply

    I use eToro from United Arab Emirates (UAE). I am earning a very good living for the past 2 years on eToro. Its a reputable forex trading company. I was a new trader, knew nothing about forex, but etoro helped a lot. Thanks for brining etoro to UAE.

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