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September 1, 2011

eToro Forex Platform – Covering the Basics

In the present world of technology, where surfing the ubiquitous internet is the order of the day, trade has become very easy. Now there are no boundaries for international trade markets. Keeping the same thing in mind, eToro is there to simplify your trading options and allow you to be involved in hassle-free online business. eToro minimizes the trade complexity, so that beginners will understand the language and nuances  of foreign trade in a better way. Essentially, eToro is a private company; dealing with Financial Services Currency Trading. Initiated by two brothers, Jonathan and Ronen Assia, eToro is touching new heights with each passing day. The company headquarters are based in Limassol, Cyprus, the homeland of its co-founders, with members from more than 130 countries.

What eToro does for You

There are many platforms for trading in eToro: Desktop platform, Openbook, Web Trader and Mobile Trader. Each platform has its uniqueness and used by individuals according to their trade requirement and style. Briefly, here’s a one line description of each of these platforms. eToro Desktop platform is basically for beginners; eToro Forex used by international traders; to get involved in social trading marketers, try eToro OpenBook;  eToro Web Trader for clean, flexible web trading; and eToro Mobile Trader for quick access of financial markets.

How can eToro Forex Platform Boost Your Trade?

Forex is an eToro – Forex Trading for foreign transactions. In the parlance of the day, it is known as a foreign exchange market. This platform of eToro is mainly availed by worldwide transaction dealers. It facilitates trade between various countries and enables risk seeking investment opportunity. However, traders who engage in eToro Forex have to note carefully the economical and political situation of a country before committing to any transaction there. As the exchanged units are very small, the volume of trading is naturally very high. An estimated $4 trillion worth trade is done each day at Forex market.

Who Uses eToro Forex?

Renowned traders from 132 countries do business with eToro. It is one of the fast growing and most established platforms in the world. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional trader; eToro is so flexible that it gives ample space and growing room for both. If you cannot afford to step directly into eToro, no problem! eToro provides you free accounts to get going in e-marketing. Unbelievable as it may sound; you can trade with eToro with just $50. Furthermore, eToro – Forex Trading also provides interest-free trade for those who do not want to deal with interest. There are many people who do not want to indulge in interest trading, especially Muslims, as their faith demands so. Hence, Islamic Accounts are also available at eToro.

How Should You Begin trading with eToro Forex?

The biggest advantage of eToro is that it is based online. You can pick up some trading skills from various websites and open an account with eToro. Download the platform from the homepage of the official eToro website and give a kick to your online trade.

eToro Forex is Comprehensive

eToro provides you everything under one roof. Trading practice, online classes, platform guide, etc., are all available to make trading as simple as possible.  To make the online learning reach its logical end, the company owners have kept registration on the official website free.

Emulate Best Traders

If you are an eToro customer, you have the golden opportunity, not once, rather every day to see and follow how the best traders do their business. A role model is very necessary in trading. So, eToro Forex gives you every chance to follow the pundits of e-business. You are just a click away from being able to view the profile of your mentor in world business.

No Documents Required for Registration

Initially, there is no need to submit any kind of documents to open your account. Once you reach a certain level in trading and build up a certain amount and want to make a withdrawal, you will be accordingly guided by the company to give your credentials.

eToro Forex is Debt Free

If you start with your business with eToro with certain amount, you can never lose more than you have deposited as the basic amount. In other words you can never run into debt. Most people avoid plunging into e-business due to the fear of debt. As this fear is completely blotted out by eToro, more and more people are joining hands with us– trading with the professionals in a professional way.

eToro Does Not Charge a Commission on Trades

The revenue source of eToro comes from the spreads, “the difference between Ask and Bid prices of a currency pair”. This amount is exceptionally low. But we stick to our basic aim, which is to provide the customer a launching pad for booming trade.  Also, eToro do not charge traders overnight fees. However, eToro charges a nominal fee if the trader wants to leave the trade open over the weekend at a time when markets are closed.

eToro Offers Various Promotions

The company notifies clients of several periodical promotions all throughout the year. Keep checking your inbox to avoid missing any one of them.

How Media Sees eToro?

One of the ways to judge the reputation of a trading company is to know how world media reports it. As far as eToro is concerned, it has been making headlines from the past couple of years in global media. Name any top newspaper or news channel; eToro stole the show. Be it Times, World Finance, Profit Loss, to name a few, media, by and large, reported the eToro glory in the world market in positive light. Frequent media coverage has led the eToro official website to launch a news-blog to keep the customers informed about the new feats achieved by the company.

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4 Comment(s)

  1. Jesse Felice | May 10, 2011 | Reply

    There are different Types of Forex Trading Softwares. Download here at e-toro

  2. deea | Oct 31, 2011 | Reply

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    Bocapital allows each user to open a $500 demo account for simulation and practice before you move to real money trading.

  3. Florin | May 25, 2012 | Reply

    Bocapital it is a scam! Be carefully!
    I had an account with Bocapital. In the begaining they said to me that there is no spred, then after I made some money they added a 12 pips spred on EUR/USD and made it imposible for me to win. I recognize that, I stoped trading digital and start to trade range options. At the begaining I traded range options with max 100 Eur/per trade and then they limited me to 10 Eur/trade. And everyday they said to me that they will talk with the technical support and they will solve the problem and so on. Lies, lies, lies. I tried to withdraw all profits and only the deposit and 50% of profit I could withdraw. After this they close my account with no reason and they told me simply that our relationship is over and that was it!

    Bocapital is not the company to invest money if you want to make money from this industry.

    It is a scam!

    Avoid Bocapital! Thare are other big companies wich respect you a lot.

  4. James Schiavone | Jun 21, 2012 | Reply

    BOcapital is a broker that handles binary options. They advertise that there are no spreads charged and you can withdraw up to your account balance at any time.
    I placed $100.00, the min. deposit, into my trading account on May 28, 2012. On May 30, 2012 my account was up to $750.00. At this point I tried to withdraw $150.00, to test the waters, following their directions to the letter. The withdrawal section of the platform would not let me enter $150.00 but would let me enter $100.00. So I contacted support to ask why. They replied by email that they didn’t know but would get back to me. I accepted this and went back to trading.The next trade I took I had 25 pips added to the strike price and another 20 pips were added to the market price when I committed to the trade. I am now trading against 45 pips to break even. At first I did not realize this until after the trade was engaged. I was used to checking the price listed as “our price” then setting up the trade using their line chart as a guide before engaging the trade. Needless to say I lost that trade. I still wasn’t sure how because according to my Meta 4 platform I had won by 32 pips. I use meta trader 4 to track my trade.
    On the next trade I took screen shots of the market price before I did the trade setup and then a screen shot at trade setup and a third screenshot when I committed to the trade. This clearly shows the 25 pip spread added to strike price and then another 20 pips added to market price when the trade was engaged.
    With three screenshots taken within a 2 second time laps, it’s easy to see what was going on. I contacted customer service with this new problem. They had “never heard of this happening before”. They said I need to take a screenshot so they can investigate the problem. I sent the screenshots I had taken explaining the price changes on every screenshot. Their next email said they were having a problem reading some of the numbers so I placed the screenshots in the body of the email where there could be problem in reading. There next email said they would turn the matter over to the tech dept which is in another location and get back to me by Monday. When I asked if they could resolve the withdrawal problem they asked for a screenshot of what the withdrawal section of the platform said. I had already did a copy and paste of what it said but I did follow up with the requested screenshot anyway.
    My account now has $588.60 in it and I can’t trade against a 45 pip spread with a 30 min. option. This spread situation was not present during the demo account or the live account till it hit $750.00 mark.

    They state in their FAQ
    “Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?
    You may withdraw any amount up to your remaining balance”

    The withdrawal section of the platform still reads
    “You have reached the maximum withdraw request allowed. If you would like to modify your request go to the “Withdraw Request” and cancel the previous request”
    It still shows my first withdrawal of $100.00 pending as of May 30.
    I have not been contacted by them today and they said on Friday I would be contacted on Mon. morning. They now refuse to answer any emails.

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