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June 6, 2008

British and U.S. Envoy Face Violence in Zimbabwe

Loyalist to Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe ambushed a convoy of U.S. and British diplomats Thursday. The diplomats were in the country investigating alleged political violence over the recent presidential election. I guess that their investigation was short lived. It is obvious that if you are not on Mugabe’s side, you could be in danger.

Mugabe’s loyalists slashed tires and beat a local staff person. The human rights issues continue to mount in this uncertain region. Some Zimbabwean’s are supporting the president even though he has been in power for decades and is blamed by many for high inflation and starvation in the country. His supporters have been accused of killing and assaulting supporters of the opposition. Mugabe himself has also been accused of tampering with election results in the present election. Of course he says that throwing an election is not his style but for some reason, Zimbabwe had to wait a month for election results. When the results came out they were inconclusive. A run off election is scheduled but the opposition leader has had some death threats placed on him.

Mugabe seems to be in favor of the violence that many of his supporters are enacting. He also has been very prominent in the media, traveling to a food crisis summit where he was clearly unwelcome and blaming other countries for Zimbabwe’s problems. This man becomes more and more unfavorable as the days pass. He will not allow his country to emerge from the inflation and strive that he has put it in. In fact, he seems to be thoroughly enjoying what is going on.

Deaths and violence have ensued in the wake of the failed election. Mugabe continues to refuse to acknowledge the fact that tampering may have been the reason why the election results were inconclusive. Morgan Tsvangirai was held by police on Wednesday for several hours. Fortunately he was not harmed and was finally released after nine hours.

In the meantime Mugabe continues commit human rights violations such as stopping all aid groups from operating in Zimbabwe. If this ban stays in place for a while many people who depend on food handouts will surely perish. Punishing the people that he should be looking out for is what Mugabe seems to do very well. The stoppage of food aid may be a political ploy to gain support. Starving people who refuse to support Mugabe may be allowed to starve while those that agree to vote for him may be saved.

The fate of Zimbabwe becomes more and more grim as the days pass. Mugabe thinks too highly of himself and not highly enough of the individuals in his country. It seems as if he is thinking of them as property or animals that he can starve and mistreat as he pleases. This seems so counter active coming from a man that claims to be so proud of his African heritage. He has essentially become a slave master who mistreats his subjects. Mugabe is the person who is killing his own people.

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