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January 5, 2008


Do you know what emotions really are and where they come from and how to control them? Male and Females both deal with them in different ways but also in the same way. Males emotions are like a soft blowing wind, Woman’s emotions are like a windstorm, soft at times and really strong at others. Is that perhaps why woman are made the ones that give birth? Do we understand children more in depth emotionally? We are equal in the way our emotions are processed they are cognitive. Some people will understand them, others don’t – and it effects us all different. Emotions change allot in our life from baby to adolescence and then in adulthood, for women it goes to bearing children and after that too, it is an ever changing process, just another thing to deal with in life, but imagine if we had no emotion at all, would we love?  would we cry? What would the world be like then?. Would we have war? Would we have peace ? Could that be the answer to all the problems in the world? having no emotion, perhaps that is that problem today, people don’t know how to control them. It is a mental processes, not action process, its about ignoring your thoughts, and feelings, to obtain results. As male and female we aren’t that different just the way we choose to process out feelings and thoughts. So now thinking about all that what do you think….let me know.

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