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February 4, 2011

Embrace Positivity! Even If It Seems A Little Silly

I watched a story on the CBC a couple of months ago about a preacher who wrote a book about what the world would be like without complaining. He encouraged his congregation to try to stop complaining for a month, I believe it was. The members of the church were given colorful rubber bracelets and every time they complained, they were supposed to switch the bracelet from one wrist to another. Positive energy is such a strong force and I am always striving for internal and external peace, so I challenged my co-workers and boss to a month of no complaining. I work with a some really great ladies and I enjoy them both on and off the job but this no complaining was a bit much. No one seemed that interested in the idea, so I decided to give it a go myself.

Yes, it is silly to switch a bracelet back and forth from one wrist to another whenever you start complaining about something but if you think about it, so is complaining. Complaining generally gets you no where. You become upset and upset those around you and fuel negative energy. Rarely does anything change because of complaining. There are much more constructive ways to get your point across. Today at work, one of my co-workers was complaining about a fellow co-worker. She told me her story and I nodded politely and moved on to the next subject. Honestly, what could I say to change the situation? Nothing. So instead I offered her a rubber band and told her how she could join me in my quest to cut down on complaining. Remember, we have a job, I told her, and many other people do not.

Last year a friend of mine told me about the documentary “The Secret”. I watched it and enjoyed the ideas that the movie touched on. I shared it with my friends and co-workers and the majority of them were interested in at least some of the concepts discussed in the film. However, there were a few friends that just laughed at the movie, and said how crazy it was to believe that visualizing something is a great way to put things that you want in motion.

I know that some of the techniques of positive thinking can said a little silly. Sitting in the middle of the floor with your eyes closed, visualizing yourself shaking hands with your boss after you get that promotion you applied for and are waiting on, may seem goofy, but what if it helps push you closer to that promotion?. Imagining your dream house and forming a vivid picture in your mind can seem like wishful day dreaming, but there are people that claim that such an act has helped them get their dream home. Moving a bracelet back and forth every time you complain about something needlessly sounds ridiculous, but it might help you cut down on the energy you use for complaining.

I am happy to report that I have greatly reduced the amount of complaining that I do. Once I realized how many times I was switching the bracelet back and forth, I thought about all of the time I was spending complaining could be used to do something constructive. Give some of these silly positive ideas a try and see what happens.

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