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July 15, 2008

Elisabeth Fritzl Questioned In Austria

Elisabeth Fritzl was reportedly interviewed in a secret location in Austria. The interviewed was video taped and will be shown later on in the year at her father’s trial. Elisabeth’s testimony about the 24 years she spent in a dungeon created by her father will be key evidence in his trial. I believe that her testimony will show that Josef Fritzl was not insane at all. While his personality may be unstable, his cold calculating thoughts were upheld for too long for this to be a case of insanity.

It seems that the children the Elisabeth Fritzl had as a result of rapes by her father are doing well. While the family, along with Elisabeth’s mother have been living in the psychiatric ward of a hospital guarded by police, they seem to be adjusting to life outside of the dungeon. A few of the children have had day trips that were carried out incognito. It seems that despite Josef Fritzl’s cruelty, the family has been able to function and move towards living a decent life.

The trial date for Josef Fritzl has not been announced yet but it is expect to happen soon. I am sure it will be a relieve for Elisabeth and her family to have that done and over with. Interviewing her by video tape if the best way to get the story out of her without forcing her to see her father again. Being in the same court room with her father, I’m sure, would produce terrible emotional and mental scars.

I can’t imagine that Josef Fritzl will ever see the light of day again. The insanity plea is the obvious move for his lawyer but I think that the entire world can see through the lie. There is no punishment designed for such a crime but making sure that he is not amongst the free world is vital. A lesson must be taught that such atrocities will not be tolerated.

Unfortunately is seems that these type of abuse cases, are becoming more common. While the details of this case are unique, the incest and the length of the secret, other stories similar to this one are popping up around the world periodically. The story of the family that held the woman captive for 17 years because she became pregnant appeared a few weeks after the Fritzl case broke. Stories of children being locked away in closets and kept from the world find their way into the news now and then. This dysfunction of humankind has to have a root somewhere and we need to discover what that root is and stomp it out. What makes people think that they have the right to steal someone’s life by holding them captive for years? How does the rest of the world forget about these captives? Elisabeth Fritzl’s father said that she ran away and joined a cult. He produced notes in her handwriting that vindicated his claims. I guess that, unfortunately, we must be very suspicious of those around us in such cases. It is painful to think that a father would tell such a lie to his wife and commit these heinous crimes against his children but it happened and continued for over two decades.

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