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August 7, 2008

Drunken Passengers Force Emergency Landing

Having to make an emergency landing when you are on an airplane is always scary. Unless you have to land because two grown women are trying to abuse the flight attendant because she won’t give them more alcohol. To silly to be true? Think again.

While this may sound like a skit off of a comedy show or movie, it really occurred. This past Thursday passengers of a chartered flight were witness to a brawl over alcohol between two intoxicated women and a flight attendant that was just doing her job.

A charter plane had to stop for an emergency landing after two women cause a scene. A flight attendant was hit with a bottle of vodka and the women tried to open the cabin door at 10,000 meters(32,800 feet) in the air. The aircraft was cruising over Austria at the time.

The flight was traveling from Greece to England but had to stop in Frankfurt because the to women were so out of control. The staff fought to force the two women back into their seats. The women are 26 and 27 and one of them may face attempted assault charges and interfering with air traffic charges.

The altercation began when a flight attendant told the women they could not have any more alcohol. At that point they were visibly intoxicated. The 26 year old reached for the bottle of vodka and tried to open the cabin door. In Frankfurt the two women were given breathalyzer tests and both were legally drunk. They were later released.

The flight continued on to Manchester after the issues was resolved. I am not sure whether or not the two women were allowed on another plane. Seems to me they are not fit for flying. Although their names have not been released, how embarrassing it must be to not be able to control yourself on an airplane. These were not teenagers. These were two women getting close to thirty that were not able to making it through a plane ride. Sad indeed.

This was a chartered flight so hopefully the other passengers were not too inconvenienced by such a silly occurrence. The flight attendant was apparently alright but I would not be surprised if that person is looking for a new job as of today. Who wants to have to put up with crap like that when they are just trying to do their job?

As for the two drunks. Well, seeing as one was trying to get out of the plane mid-flight, maybe she was able to fly back to England on her own. As far as charges go, surely there will be charges brought against a couple of silly women that are can’t be trusted to no when to say when. We are laughing at this occurrence today but if something tragic had happened it would not be as funny. Hopefully these two women will be punished enough so that others that are not able to hold their liquor do not attempt the same thing.

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