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March 22, 2010

Stupid, Selfish Glutton Seeks Fame & Fortune by Gaining Weight: The Donna Simpson Story

My father once told me, “If being stupid was against the law, the prisons would burst at the seams.” I was young, but I remember that; I have thought about it since, whenever confront by the blatant stupidity of other people. Let’s face it: we’re confronted with other people’s idiocy every day; sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s amusing, and sometimes it’s completely insane. Case in point for “insane”:  Donna Simpson, the woman from New Jersey who is bound and bent to weight 1,000 pounds.

According to an article I read (, Donna Simpson currently weighs 602 pounds, and she is hoping to reach her goal within the next two years. Weighing 1,000 pounds would make her the world’s fattest woman; she already holds the record for the world’s fattest mother, when she weighed 530 pounds when she gave birth to her daughter Jacqueline.

Give yourself a moment to process this. I know I needed one or two myself. A woman currently weighs 602 pounds – apparently, that’s not quite fat enough. Nope! 1,000 pounds would be better. Never mind that she has a child to look after. Never mind the health complications that will absolutely, without a doubt, come into play.

Donna’s history shows a lifetime battle with weight, including an over-feeding mother and then an under-feeding stepmother. Diet pills and dieting did not work for Donna; she lost some weight, but felt unhappy. Acquiring a desk job filled out her figure again (a common problem with desk jockey types) and her original happiness returned. She met a chef; they fell in love and spent their time together gorging themselves on food.

The internet has allowed her to reach out to others who celebrate size, and she has received gifts from strange men, such as protein shakes, to help her put on more weight. She seems to consider herself some sort of body-image ambassador ; big is beautiful, so therefore the bigger, the more beautiful?

Celebrating your natural size and shape is one thing; I’m not fat, but I have an hourglass figure. No matter how much I exercise or watch what I eat, I will always have an hourglass shape, and I have to deal with that. No problems; accepting yourself is important. However, Donna is not celebrating her natural state; she is tampering with her naturally larger shape by purposely gaining almost 400 pounds. This is not about celebrating body shape; this is insane, dangerous, and completely stupid.

Who is going to pay for the health care she will inevitably need? Does she have insurance? Does it cover wilful obesity? Who will care for her daughter when she has a heart attack and dies? Or goes into a diabetic coma? What kind of mother decides to put her own desire for fame ahead of her ability to care for her child?

I find this whole idea to be completely stupid, and I feel very sorry for Donna’s daughter. Donna is a selfish person who apparently cares more about herself than her own child. Considering how many people out there would give just about anything to be a mother, I am quite disgusted by Donna’s actions.

I also think about how many people in the world are starving to death while Donna stuffs her face and clogs her heart for fame and fortune. There are people going to bed tonight with hunger pangs; there are children who will go to school in the morning with rumbling stomachs. But in New Jersey, selfish, stupid Donna Simpson will reach for her 10th bedtime snack, and go to bed stuffed to the brim and beyond.

For shame.

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