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October 13, 2009

Dog Prejudice in Prince George, BC?

You might not guess it, but I’m obsessed with animals… or at least, more than usual.

After accumulating a bunch of “fun jobs” on the side, including a regular pair of large dogs for dog walking, I’ve made a few observations.

You see, I have a smaller mid-sized dog. One that most people don’t feel threatened by, to say the least. I adore large breed dogs, and I am biased in that I don’t feel intimidated by that fact. But in walking my regular pair, I have noticed something extraordinary to me; especially considering they both are very even-tempered dogs.

People are scared of them.

Yeah, what a revelation, right? It was my light bulb moment for me.

I’ve been play wrestling with the german shepherd and malamute in a school field, and noticed people freezing, wide eyed, unsure what to take it as. As soon as I come up for air and bowl the offending dog over, and they see its all play, they breathe a sigh of relief and walk off—leaving me blinking in astonishment.

Now, don’t get me wrong; Prince George has quite a few awful dogs. To be honest, my biggest beef is with all the little dogs running loose. People just open the door and watch as Rover wanders into other yards and does his business there. Or, more often than not, they shut the door and shrug it off. These little dogs stalk local joggers, bicyclists, and dog walkers. And they can create a lot of havoc, and even more danger to themselves.

I see a lot of aggressive little dogs. I make a point of chasing them back home and calling the owners out on it as well. Or, if I can pick them up, carry them door-to-door.

Yeah. I get pushy.

Either way, it leads me to wonder…”why?”

Sure, dog attacks happen. I have been nearly attacked several times, growing up in Prince George. However, I’ve never held it against them, or been fearful of them since. It wasn’t their fault. Once, I bolted when a border collie rushed me. It excited the dog, understandably. My fault.

Another time, it wasn’t my fault. It was an irresponsible owner. It was only my being familiar with what not to do, that I got out of that one without being hurt. As it was, it was good the owner came to the door within a few moments and called them back.

Drug house guard dogs…got to love them, right?

We have enough of them in town.

I thank the school dog safety programs for teaching me how to lessen my risk of being attacked. I don’t think it’s done anymore now. I’d love to see it. Education is something that “needs improvement”. If more people keep cool heads when faced with a problem dog, there will be less risk. And if more dog owners are forced to become more responsible, there will be fewer attacks.

That being said, I can’t say how sad I get, walking these gorgeous dogs down the street, only to have people taking as wide a birth of them as possible. It uplifts me when a bunch of kids approach me and ask if they can pet the “doggies”. Their imaginations tend to run wild, and next moment I find my malamute is a “huge wolf dog.” They glorify in the attention, and are never intimidated. But they are also cautious, always asking permission first.

It gives me much hope that the next generation will be an improvement on the previous, for which I am very glad.

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