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August 31, 2008

Diabetics Can Improve Their Health By Losing Weight

People who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can improve their health by losing weight. Once someone is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes losing weight will give them better glycemic and blood pressure control. Even if the person regains the weight, they are better off having lost it at one time. It seems that the benefits are still there.

Even though weight loss has long been recommended for diabetics, the effects of losing weight intentionally or unintentionally had not been studied. A study group of 2,574 patients were weighed six times over three years. The weight gain, weight loss, higher stable weight and lower stable weight are the things that were examined. The patients were divided into these four groups.

The weight loss group had 314 patients in it. The average weight of the group when the study was started was 241 pounds. During the study the dropped to and average weight of 213 pounds. The patients regained their weight in an 18 month period.

The patients that were in the weight gain group gained about 6.4 percent during the first 18 months. Their gains were followed by weight loss and ended up around the same weight that they started at by the end of the study.

The lower stable weight and the higher stable weight group weighed an average of 284 to 196 pounds. By the fourth year of the study the patients the people that were in the weight loss group had higher than normal blood glucose levels. Those that were in the weight gain, higher stable weight and lower stable weight groups had lower blood glucose levels.

The study took age, gender, initial HbA1c levels and diabetic medication usage into consideration. All of these factors and the lack of weight loss initially increased the likelihood that people would have high HbA1c levels. The weight loss group patients were more likely have normal blood pressure, in comparison to the higher stable weight and weight gain group.

The study suggests that there is a time delay between when the weight was regained and when the adverse effects of the weight gain were shown. However, there is a possibility that the body has a sort of metabolic memory going on. More studies have to be done to find out additional information about this metabolic memory but the results are very encouraging.

Diabetes is a disease that should be carefully maintain. This study shows that there might be great benefits to being proactive when it comes to diabetes management. By getting a jump start on the situation you can make long term management much easier. The worse that diabetes gets the more money, time and effort it takes to keep health under control. As soon as diabetes is diagnosed people should alter their lifestyles and start exercising.

More studies will be don’t to find out what happens when diabetics maintain their weight loss. This information can be compared and contrasted with the group that regained weight. No matter what the findings show, it seems that exercise is key to helping diabetes.

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