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September 4, 2008

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Resigns and Will Go To Jail

After months of scandal and shocking events, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is going to resign from office. Finally, after embarrassing a city that was already struggling to remain intact, Kilpatrick is leaving office.

His resignation comes after admitting that he lied under oath. Kilpatrick accepted a plea bargain in the perjury case against him. He will now end of spending some time in jail and have five months probation. Kilpatrick wrote a letter to Governor Jennifer Granholm to announce that he would resign September 18th of this year. The plea bargain includes immediate resignation within 14 days and Kilpatrick is required to repay 1 million dollars to the city of Detroit. He will also spend four months in jail.

Kilpatrick pleaded guilty but only after months of wallowing in office, unable to lead. He has not been able to effectively run the city since the charges against him were brought. The assault of a police officer was the last straw. That charge seems to be the one that put him over the top. After wearing a tether for some time and not being able to leave the state for another period of time, Kilpatrick will finally not be the face of Detroit.

The two felony charges against Kilpatrick include obstruction of justice and committing perjury. He will also not be able to run for any public office for five years and will have to had over his law license and state pension. This man that could have had a very bright future in politics and law has completely ruined his own life.

This is such a failure for the city of Detroit and Kilpatrick himself. He was a young black leader who could have made a difference in a city that needs change and a positive leader. Kilpatrick not only did not improve the city, he made everything much worse for the people that live there. Not to mention, Kilpatrick is just 38 years old and he was in his second term as mayor. He could have been a true leader for Detroit but instead he has led the city into further dismay.

What lies ahead for the city of Detroit and Kilpatrick? Only time will tell what will happen to these two troubled bodies. At this time there seems to be very little that either one can do to improve things. Kilpatrick will serve his time in jail and hopefully, realize how arrogant and inappropriate he has been. The city of Detroit will hopefully heal and become a much better place over time. At this point, the tortured city has nothing but pain to show. Now with it’s young, formerly promising mayor going to jail, the city has one more blow against it.

Some people are still supportive of the mayor and do not believe that he should be going to jail. There is a notion that his private life is his own and it is. However, you should not use city property and money to have your extra marital affair and you should not lie under oath. Kwame Kilpatrick got what he deserved.

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