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August 11, 2008

Detox Causes Brain Damage?

A woman in England tried The Amazing Hydration Diet and suffered brain damage from it. Dawn Page began vomiting uncontrollably after she tried the diet. She also had an epileptic seizure and has suffered memory loss and damage to her speech and concentration. The High Court of England awarded Dawn 800,000 pounds but that will not undue the losses she has suffered.

In England nutritionist do not have to be certified in any way. This is a very scary thought. What type of training do they actually have? It is very dangerous to have people in the world giving nutritional advice when they are to properly trained.

Mrs. Page went to see Barbara Nash, a nutritionist who told her to drink large amounts of water and cut down on her salt intake. When the vomiting started Nash told Mrs. Page that it was a normal part of the detoxification process.

After a severe epileptic seizure Mrs. Page was taken to hospital where she was diagnosed with low salt levels. Hyponatraemia is the technical name for this condition and it means that she was over hydrated. Mrs. Page drank 5 liters of water before she was admitted to the hospital. The nutritionist denies any responsibility for the case. This poor woman’s career has been brought to an end and she is now heavily dependent upon her husband. All of this because of some fad diet.

Detoxification is something that many doctors frown upon. The liver is designed to detox the body and many doctors say that this is all you need. While that may be true, many of us put toxins in our bodies that are not good for it. My way of detoxing? Stop putting the toxins in. That’s it. If you consume alcohol or caffeine or anything like that, just stop it. Continue eating food and drinking the same amount of water that you normally do. If you are eating the right amount of fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods that should be in your diet, you don’t need detox diets.

Of course, diets are never the answer. Always take a look at your lifestyle and what you are eating and ask your doctor if you have questions. Do not ever follow the advice of someone that has some crazy extreme diet regiment. This poor woman’s life has been completely altered all because she trusted someone who was supposed to be giving her nutrition advice.

It seems strange the nutritionists in England do not have to have any formal training or certificates. Why would there not be a standard for an occupation that could lead people down deadly paths? Most people are not that well versed on nutrition so they are willing to listen to whatever someone they believe is an expert ahs to say. However, I don’t believe that any real nutritionist would recommend the diet that Mrs. Page was told to follow. Hopefully England will do something about the phony nutritionists by coming up with some kind of standard.

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  1. TBI | Aug 13, 2008 | Reply

    The important thing to remember is we need balance for health. Both salt and water are important parts of our diet- everything in moderation. It’s sad that people would listen to someone with no medical training over listening to their own body.

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