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May 4, 2008

Details of Josef Fritlz’s Cellar of Torture Emerge

The initial shock of the Joseph Fritlz story has not yet worn off but that has not stopped shock after shock from being revealed. The story that broke early last week about a man in Austria who had locked his daughter away 24 years ago and repeatedly raped her, fathering seven children with her, continues to become sadder and stranger as the days go along.

Roesmarie Fritlz’s innocence is still maintained and as the details surface, it is apparent that this woman was not one to question her husband of speculate about his actions. It seems that Rosemarie Fritlz was willing to take her husband’s word for every odd occurrence surrounding their daughter and subsequent grandchildren. There are rumors that Fritlz was convicted of a rape in the 1960’s but the validity of those claims has yet to be confirmed. Either way this story has alarmed the world and really made people think about what is going underneath their noses. Joseph Fritlz seems to have instilled fear into the women of his life, paving the way for the absolute torture of his daughter.

The idea that this man is insane is one that we hope is true but actually, reports state the Fritlz is quite sane. If you really think about it, an insane man would not be able to draw up the calculating circumstances that allowed him to hold his daughter and children/grandchildren captive for decades. A person who has the mental capacity to commit such acts is very sane indeed. That is very unnerving for those of us that wish to think that a man capable of these atrocities is definitely mentally disturbed.

Fritlz admits that he held his daughter captive and that he fathered children with her. However, there is no mention of his remorse or the notion that he just got caught up in a big lie and did not know how to get out it. The idea that Fritlz was concerned for the well being of the 19 year old girl that needed medical attention should be dismissed for a number of reasons. The first reason being that he actually disposed of one of the children he fathered with his daughter after it died, opposed to allowing the baby to be seen by medical professionals. Remember, an adult body is much harder to get rid of than a child’s so the ailing girl had to be taken to the hospital.

Fritlz has not formerly been charged with any crime yet which may be due to the fact that investigators are still working out what they are going to charge him with. There seems to be so much to choose from when it comes to charges and it would be in the best interest of the world to get the harshest sentence possible for Fritlz. There is talk of trying to charge him with murder because he let one of the children die without seeking medical treatment. Perhaps attempted murder could also be tacked on in the case of the daughter who is in an induced coma because of a kidney disorder that could have been treated if she had gotten to a doctor earlier.

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