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August 25, 2008

Details About Bus Beheading Leak Out

As if it were not bad enough that Vince Weiguang Li took the life of an innocent man, he also defiled his body, as one officer put it. The tape that was not meant for public ears somehow made it’s way onto About 80 seconds of the police tape was played on the site. The attacker was called “Badger” and apparently ate some of the victims flesh.

As if this story was not disturbing enough, these details make it that much more worse. This young man, Tim Mclean, described as a small friendly person of about 5’4 and 130 pounds, was tortured by this madman. Not only that, the details of his murder have been leaked onto the Internet to further decimate the family.

While I know that some people long for the grisly details of murders, I think that we should all think about this guy’s parents and loved ones that have to hear these things. No one wants to hear that they beloved son ahs been hacked to death through an Internet leak. Surely they may have come across that information in the trial but to have it come out this way it so disrespectful.

The murderer, Vince Weiguang Li was a 40 year old newspaper carrier in Edmonton. Vincent Augert, an independent contractor in Edmonton said that Li had done a great job as a carrier. He also said he was nice and polite when encountered. However, a request for time off for an interview in Winnipeg came through the other day. When Li did not get back in touch with Augert and did not show up for work, his wife was contacted. She told Augert that he had left for a family emergency and she had not heard from him.

In a courtroom in Potage la Prairie Li did not speak of enter a plea on Friday. A psychiatric evaluation is sure to come at some point. It is obvious that something is wrong with this man. Of course, that should not stop the law from working in this case. I know that Canada does not have the death penalty. What a shame that is at a time when there is a human being that so clearly deserves nothing less than to not exist anymore.

Li has no criminal record prior to this brutal slaying. Were there signs of some sort that someone missed? What could prompt someone to do something so terrible to a young man that ad done nothing to them? Tim McLean just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just minutes before Li had been sitting in the front of the bus.

A massive amount of support and sympathy has poured out for the family. Tributes on the social networking site have gone into the tens of thousands. This terrible crime, in a country not known for such brutality is truly a tragedy. No matter what happens to the killer, there is no payment great enough for these types of crimes.

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