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June 20, 2008

Debra Ryan – Girlfriend of Sam Israel Faces Up To Ten Years

The girlfriend of missing hedge fund manager Sam Israel III that disappeared the day he was suppose to start a 20 year prison sentence for defrauding investors has been arrested and may face up to ten years in prison. Debra Ryan 45, Israel’s girlfriend has been arrested because San Israel III has gone missing. Ryan has admitted that she helped him pack up an RV before June 9th.

Sam Israel III lived in Armonk, New York, with Ryan. For whatever reasons she decided to help him escape from his fate in the a Massachusetts prison and leave herself open for prosecution. If you were going to help someone escape their fate, surely you would safe guard yourself from being caught? Well, apparently Ryan did not think about that and now she faces 10 years in prison and was released on 75000 bond.

Sam Israel III defrauded Bayou Management investors out of 450 million wrote “suicide is painless” in the dust of his burgundy 2006 GMC Envoy. US marshals and FBI agents are looking for Israel who Ryan allegedly followed to a rest stop in upstate New York. Israel was driving his RV which he parked and Ryan allegedly drove him to their home in New York. After that someone supposedly drove Israel to a bridge and now he has gone missing. He uses the aliases Sam Ryan and David Clapp.

So is Israel dead or hiding out somewhere? Whatever the case is, whether he is dead or hiding out, Ryan has left herself in a very vulnerable position. She obviously has information that could be helpful to the FBI and US Marshals and disclosure could help her not face as many years in prison as she s up against right now, but she has not given more information.

Perhaps Israel is really dead. Of course, if he is dead, why not just tell the officials that and tell them where his body is. His ominous note about suicide being painless has been the subject of much debate. Suicide of course is the taking of one’s live but suicide could also be dying as one person and being born as another one.

This case against Ryan is one based on what she has admitted. I find it very interesting that she has pretty much put herself in this terrible position for a man that is not around to face the music with her. Is she so love struck that she is ready to take the fall for this man that is missing? Will she be the one to spend time in prison while he gets off free? It is one thing to be loyal and loving. It is a completely different thing to be dumb and submissive.

Israel is believe to be alive and well. US Marshals are looking for a white 2007 Coach Freelander RV or a blue 2005 Yamaha scooter. It seems that these two particular vehicles would be pretty obvious on the road. Wouldn’t Israel pick less obvious vehicles to get around in?

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