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June 16, 2008

Rev. David Lord and Rev. Peter Cowell: Two Priest Marry In London

An inquiry has been issued after two priest allegedly were married in a wedding like ceremony in London, England. On May 31rst two priest exchanged rings and vows in the hallowed halls of one of the oldest churches in England. This has the Bishop Rt. Rev Richard Charles issuing an inquiry.

Civil partnerships between homosexuals are recognized in England, but some members of the Church of England do not want such unions blessed. Conservative members of the Anglican Church, which includes the U.S. Episcopal Church is likely to have some trouble following this ceremony between two priest. The conservative members of the church are absolutely against the idea of gay marriage or partnerships. They also do not want gay priest ordained. This is an issue that could cause a major schism in the Anglican Church.

St Bartholomew the Great was the scene of the ceremony. The priests, Rev. David Lord and Rev. Peter Cowell marched down the aisle to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and had a wedding ceremony. Rev. Dudley was the one who presided over the ceremony and does not see the need to defend himself. He says that he made it no secret and that he felt like he was doing the right thing.

There was a time when marriage between different races was illegal. You could not marry outside of your race because people thought it was wrong. There was a fear that if marriage between races was legal everyone would do it. Well, that has not been the case. Yes, there are some interracial marriages but by no means is everyone doing it. I think that this would be even more so true for gay marriage. Some people are gay, others are not. I don’t think that people will become gay simply because gay marriage is legal. I think that there will be the same amount of divorce and successes as there are with heterosexual marriages. When will we all realizes that people are just people.

The Anglican Church may suffer a split on this issue. The church has been struggling with this issue for a few years now. I think that there is a desire to hold on to the old and a fear of the new. Religions must find a way to meet the needs of their populations. Times change and the rules of the church must be altered as well. I don’t think that God discriminates against anyone. Allowing gay marriage is not an abomination or a heresy or any of those things. It is just a change. Something different that we can all get used to if we look at it in very simple terms. Do we want to find someone to share our lives with? Would we be mad if someone else told us that we could not have our shot at a legal, binding marriage with the person we love? A friend of mine got married a few weeks ago. Hearing her say the words, “My husband”, strikes a very powerful chord in my heart. There is something special about being able to say “my husband” or “my wife” and I guess that most people, heterosexual or homosexual, want to be able to say that at some point in their lives

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