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March 13, 2010

Dating in Prince George, British Columbia

Dating in Prince George is a joke.  I have no clue how others have been so lucky in this town but there are no real men left here.  Since I have had no luck meeting men in the traditional ways, I thought I would try on line dating.  I signed up for Plenty of Fish and have found that I am having nothing but problems.  Men in Prince George are PIGS!  I’m trying to be nice here as I do have other words I could use. Here are a few examples of the great guys that are in Prince George along with a few hints of what not to do. 

Date #1 – John.  After talking on line for a few weeks, John and I met for coffee at Timmies.  He looked great and appeared to have his stuff together.  Soon he brought up his ex wife and told me that he could never trust her as she cheated on him. I tried to switch the topic but he kept going on and on about her.  How she had ruined his life and the lives of their children.  About 45 minutes into this “coffee date” I excused myself to the washroom and phoned a friend and asked her to phone me in 5 minutes.  When she did and I told him that I had to go as my son was not feeling well and I left …. really guys don’t talk about your ex and all the shitty things she has done.  It is not the best way to get a girl to like you.      

Date #2 – Bill.  For some reason and I’m not sure why I did it but I thought what the hell I will meet this guy after only talking to him for a few days.  Bill and I met for a walk at Fort George Park.  He seemed very nice and was easy to talk to.  However, within five minutes of meeting him, he grabbed my butt and asked me to give him a BJ in one of the public bathrooms.  Needless to say I turned around and went straight back to my car.  Never once during any of our conversations did he ever bring up sex so I had no idea that that was what he wanted …. really guys not the best way to get a girl. Asking for sex in a public place on a first meet is not really a good thing to do. 

Date #3 – Dave.  Dave was great; NOT!  He was such a pot smoking red neck it wasn’t even funny.  I think the guy did more drugs then anyone I have ever met all put together.  And everything that came out of his month was red neck stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised to find an engine in his bathtub.  He told me how he “got” his ex girlfriend (again not the best to talk about your ex a lot).  Dave knew this guy that owed him money for drugs, so he went over to this guy’s house and took his “life” since he couldn’t pay him.  Dave had sex with this guy’s girlfriend and then took her home to live with him.  And then he continued to tell me how she and he used to beat the shit out of each other.  I never met Dave face to face as this story was enough to yell at me NO NO NOT THE GUY FOR YOU!!  …. really if you want to get a girl, don’t tell her how you use to beat up your ex.  Seriously!!  I don’t think I need to say more

Date #4 – Mike.  I meet Mike and maybe me being a little naive about this whole on line dating thing might have got myself into this one but on the other hand how gross can guys really be these days.  I was talking to him on line and everything seemed to be going ok.  He asked me if I wanted to see a picture of him and I said sure.  Well the picture I got was of his little friend.  I nicely said that I was not interested in that type of a relationship and that I wanted nothing more to do with him.  Well for weeks after he would keep sending me pictures of his little friend …. really I don’t want to see it unless I am dating you.  Are men really just trying to get laid these days?  They should just go down town and get a hooker.  How is a good girl expected to find a good guy when things like that are happening? 

Date #5 – Kev.  Kev was sweet and I thought was the best guy who I had met so far.  He was kind and caring.  After several weeks of talking we met.  He always made sure that I was number one when I was with him.  We went out on 4 dates before I found out that I was wrong about Kev.  We had just had the most perfect date ever; a romantic picnic by a waterfall that we had hiked into.  Things were going great.  On our way back into town his phone rang and he asked me to be quite as he needed to take this call.  He had said something about picking some stuff up at the store before heading home.  But as he was about to end the call he said “I love you.” Yeppers, he was talking to his wife.  I had been on 4 dates with this guy and had no clue that he was married.  I was floored and had no idea what to say to him.  He tried to explain that he wasn’t happy with her but couldn’t leave her right now in life  …. really guys!  If you are married, why are you dating?  Leave your wife before you start to date.  Enough said! 

So you have had a glimpse at 5 dates I have been on.  Really I have been on more than 5 so I am not basing this just on 5 dates.  And these are not the worst 5 either.  I just picked 5 random dates that I had been on and what I have found is that the only types of guys that seem to be left in Prince George are MARRIED SEX CRAZED POT SMOKING EX WIFE LOVERS/BEATERS!!! 

Please someone tell me where to meet a nice guy in the black hole of a town?!?

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