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February 21, 2011

International Aide Needed After Cyclone In Myanmar Claims Thousands of Lives

It is always hard to imagine tens of thousands of people losing their lives at once. A cyclone struck Myanmar destroying regions of the country and taking thousands of lives. This is an international crisis that will get worst if aide is not rushed to the region.

Myanmar used to be called Burma and was under British rule until the middle of the Twentieth Century. In the wake of British rule the country experienced some ethnic tension and varying systems of rule until 1962 when military rule began to be the staple of politics in Myanmar.

In times of natural disasters, help is needed. Myanmar which does not have much of a relationship with the United States, and other democratic countries must accept the help that is being offered. The carnage of the cyclone continues to reach monumental levels. Bodies are being dumped in the rivers, forming a massive watery grave that can give way to pollution, disease and infection. Vital aide needs to be shipped into areas where people are stranded and have lost their food supplies. The world will help, some. The question is, will Myanmar allow the world in to assist their citizens?

Politics often gets in the way of these things. Accepting international aide does not mean that you agree with the political views of the country that gives the help/. All it means is that you need help and you took the necessary assistance for the betterment of your country. Thee ever unpopular President Bush has done the right thing in offering aide to Myanmar. Other governments will fall in line with this in the next few days. Humans must help one another.

The cyclone is reported to be the worst natural disaster to ever strike the country. These extreme natural disasters seem to be more and more common as the environment deteriorates. Governments around the world are going to have to put their difference aside when these terrible events take place and allow aide to flow freely to their people.

The main concern right now is that the people that have survived the disasters do not have adequate water and food supplies. A few days without food and fresh water will increase the death. Aide workers are needed to clear roads so that supplies can be taken to people in isolated areas of the country. At this time aide is slow moving and without some outside help, many more people may perish.

In the wake of this devastating storm, a vote on a new constitution for the country is scheduled for Saturday. The government is still planning on having the election even though lives have been torn apart. There is a call for the vote to be put off by the international community and this rift may be the thing that causes the international aide to be turned away. There are reports that the referendum will be postponed a few days in regions that suffered the worst of the cyclone. However the fact that the country is still willing to move forward with the referendum in spite of this tragedy is reason for outrage.

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