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December 16, 2009

Hammocking in Cozumel

The day we came into Cozumel was hot; a different kind of hot than we have here – a sticky, overwhelming, hard-to-breathe kind of hot. We left the ship around 9:00 and enjoyed some shopping in the port. Similar to Grand Cayman, there was the usual assortment of jewellery stores, clothing stores, pottery and handicraft stores, and restaurants. We walked around for a while and admired everything we saw; the people in the stores were very friendly, and thankfully, the stores themselves were often air conditioned or at least had fans. We were able to find better deals in Cozumel than we’d found in Grand Cayman, which enabled us to do a bit more shopping.

We had decided that we wanted a beach day, so we finished our shopping and boarded a bus to a private resort about 15 minutes down the road. On the way we had a short opportunity to take in rural Cozumel; farms, schools, and roadside kiosks selling food and beverages. After the quick ride, we were delivered to the resort. Brightly-painted buildings and graceful palm trees greeted us as we strolled toward the clear water and comfortable loungers waiting for us.

Our day pass to the beach included an open bar, use of the water and loungers, and a lunch buffet. There were also kyaks, sea-dos, scuba and snorkelling, but there was an extra fee to use any of those. The water was warm and clear, and we enjoyed our time in the water and working on our suntans. I particularly enjoyed the hammocks available, though I find it hard to stay awake once getting in. During our day at the beach I managed to start and finish a book, burn my skin in places I haven’t burned for quite a while, and feel totally relaxed.

By the time it was ready to leave though, I was ready to leave too. The heat of the day had begun to make me feel a little unwell, especially since my asthma doesn’t usually respond well to high humidity. We got back on the bus (glad for the a/c!) and returned to port. While walking back to the ship I began to feel very unwell, on the verge of fainting from the heat. My wonderful boyfriend half-carried me back to the ship, where I was able to rehydrate, have my asthma medication kick in, and cool off in the shower. Lesson learned in Cozumel: drink lots of water or you will pass out!

Aside from the issue of the heat, I thoroughly enjoyed our day in Cozumel. It was nice to get a chance to kick back on the beach and shut down for a while. It was a great opportunity to really relax, and despite the painful sunburn that ensued later, it was an opportunity to get a little colour before our Canadian winter kicks in! (For the record, YES I was using sunscreen! The sun in Cozumel is a little different than the sun here at home.

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