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January 6, 2010

The colander effect: Our lives are no different than that colander

Colanders’ are great for rinsing vegetables and draining the water out of pasta, but what if you wanted it to hold something so precious, so valuable and rare that you couldn’t even put a price on it.  Someone in despair hands you a bottle of the cure for a devastating disease such as cancer and the bottle is disintegrating before your eyes, you rush into your kitchen attempting to find a container and all you can find is a colander.  You quickly plug the holes with whatever putty you can grab, and pour the contents into it.  Whewwwww.  Safe and sound, you carefully carry it over to place where it is safe when you hear a faint drip on the floor, drip, drip, DRIP!   You didn’t use the proper putty, the kind that is designed specifically to withstand moisture!  Certainly most putty’s will hold for a little while but unless you use putty that is made specifically to withstand getting saturated, it will not hold.

Our lives are no different than that colander.  We have holes and empty spots called needs and wants, desires, goals and aspirations, addictions, whatever you want to name them, we desire to fill our lives and find purpose in many ways. 

Can you think of areas in your life that you “fill”?

We have a desire to have communion with God whether we know it or not.  Even those who do not claim Christ as savior try to commune with something, whether it’s a false god or an idol they’ve created themselves, they go to great lengths to fill their holes in order to feel satisfied.  We hike to the top of mountains, we shop, changes careers, and even leave marriages. I like to call the proper filling for those holes “Christ Putty”.  This Putty is the only substance that will satisfy us for any length of time.  It is made perfectly, thoughtfully, and justly, to mend our fractured pots and hold His precious living water.

Some people are dissatisfied with an area or many areas in their lives.  I believe this is in part (in major part) to do with disobedience to God by doing something you shouldn’t or not doing something you should.  It could be a running away from responsibility -woman not standing up to be the nurturers God has prepared us to be.  Men not filling their role as the provider, dissatisfaction with our self image-not taking care of the faculties we have been given.  This encompasses mental as well as physical.  There are endless reasons why we feel these things and why we try to fill voids in our lives.  We all come from different backgrounds, with different experiences.  We are separated socioeconomically as well as demographically and range in our spiritual maturity.

But, if we are trying to fill our holes with what this life has to offer we will most certainly end up with leaks and the need to keep filling. We need to keep in the word, studying, praying, and meditating on Gods’ word. More schooling, another sport, a new car, more clothes, another hobby, another piece of pie, whatever it may be; if you find yourself dissatisfied and feeling depressed or anxious, take a look at your life, who is Lord and Savior in your life.

When you get up in the morning Whom is first in your day?

When you go to bed Whom is last?

Really think about it, what area in your life do you struggle to find balance?  Are you filling it with something other than what God would have you fill it with

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  1. Nelly O | Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    This is a very interesting way of looking at where the holes are in our lives, and what we are filling them with. I think the putty many people use to fill the holes fails them, provides a temporary fix but ends up leaving them feelings drained. Thanks for the perspective!

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