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April 27, 2009

I love Spring because it brings new clothing season

Like most Canadians, I love Spring. I love Spring because it means no more snow storms, no more snow shovelling, no more bundling up to leave the house. I love listening to the birds, enjoying the fresh air, and watching for the flowers to poke up through the ground and begin to bloom. Neighbours are out washing their cars, children are out riding their bikes, and most importantly: Spring clothes! Bright colours, new styles, and an excited adieu to bulky winter sweaters; I love the Spring!

With every new clothing season, there is a feeling of hope; hope that undesirable styles from last year will be gone, and hope that the much-beloved styles will stick around for another year. There’s a sense of anticipation, waiting to see what’s going to be brand new (good or bad) for the season. It’s still a little early yet, although I think our recent “heat wave” has got designers and buyers taking a headstart; I know it’s got me thinking about what I hope to see, and not see, this Spring:

Super-Low-Rise Jeans: OUT! I can’t express enough how much I sincerely hope these jeans go far, far away, and never come back. There is nothing creepier than seeing a group of 14-year-old girls running around with the backs (and fronts!) of their thongs hanging out. Besides, there are too many older-than-14-year-olds out there who are wearing these jeans, when frankly, they really shouldn’t. Dressing to be in style is one thing, but dressing for you body shape is something to keep in mind too. These jeans look wrong on EVERYONE – let’s move on from them.

Colourful Shoes & Handbags: IN! Please, please, let this trend stay! It’s so nice to see everyone in something besides black. I do love black, don’t get me wrong, but a splash of colour on a grey day can really lift one’s spirits. Spring is a great time to play with different shades, and colour combinations, and I hope to see more of that with the coming season.

Super-Pointy-Toed-Shoes: OUT! Why anyone wants to wear these shoes is totally beyond me. The first thing I think when I see someone wearing this type of shoe is that they must have enormous feet. Why would you choose to sport a style that makes your feet look like yachts?!  Those shoes are UGLY, and need to be stopped immediately. Round-toe, square-toe, peep-toe…ladies, there are lots of options. Don’t let super-pointy-toe be your choice!

Leggings: IN! Love, love, love the leggings! Love them with sweater dresses in the winter, love with long blouses or sundresses in the spring. Love them with boots, with flats, with sandals, with legwarmers.  They’re sexy, comfortable, and can be dressed up or dressed down as needed. They come in so many cute colours and patterns, you can put them with anything and always feel great. I could wear them every day, everywhere, and be so completely happy. I hope these are here to stay for a long time!

It shouldn’t be too long now, get your credit cards ready! Happy (early) Spring, everyone! I hope whatever hits the store this season is exactly what you’re looking for – unless you’re looking for ugly pointed shoes, in which case I hope you’re horribly, horribly disappointed.

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