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August 6, 2008

China Bus Attack Just Before Olympics

A bus bombing in Shanghai China by Uighur separatists cast a shadow of doubt on the safety of the Olympics. The threat of new attacks while the Olympics are underway were also given out. This may make traveling to the Olympic Games a little less safe.

Over the past couple of months there have been attacks on three buses, a bombing of a Guangzhou plastic factory and a tractor laden with explosives. The Turkestan Islamic Party is claiming responsibility for these bombings. They are also making statements on the Internet that may strike fear in the hearts of some who are traveling to the Games. They are calling it a blessed jihad.

The Turkestan Islamic Party is also called the Islamic Party of East Turkestan. They are made up of an ethnic Uighur and Muslims who want to have an independent state in the westernmost part of China. Xinjiang is a mostly Muslim province where this group lives.

So just how safe are the Olympics? Can the Chinese provide enough protection to keep the Games safe? It will be interesting to see what happens with the security. Will central cities in China be in danger as the world comes to China?

It seems that China has made a lot of enemies within heir own countries. The massive stretch of land that is called China is comprised of a number of different ethnic groups and religious groups. Of course, as a Communist country, religion is not supposed to be a factor. However, when several parts of the country are part of the country against their will, it is obvious that some people will get angry. If was not aware that there were other groups besides the people in Tibet that wanted their own country to be established. Apparently there are a number of groups that are not interested in the Chinese government ruling over what they consider to be their countries.

The Olympics were rewarded to China because of the great strides that they have made in the past decades. They have become one of the biggest world powers and have developed cities the size of Manhattan all throughout the country. However, the rights of people have not been a strong point for China. Many citizens are still peasants. Others feel like they are persecuted because they are not really allowed to practice their religious beliefs.

The video form the ETM group says that they will try to disrupt the Olympics. The Chinese government will have to find a way to make sure that they don’t. This will be in addition to making sure that Tibet stays under control. It seems that there will be a lot of damage control going on in China during the Olympics. The world will be in Beijing and it and at the mercy of the protection that China can provide for them. Hopefully the Olympics will go on without anything happening. However, everyone should keep their eyes and ears open for anything that looks suspicious. You just never know how angry some people can get and what they will do to prove a point.

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