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March 5, 2011

China`s One Child Policy In The Wake OF Massive Earthquake

Growing up I remember hearing about China’s one child policy. I viewed it as a control thing, which it was, but what happens when you lose that one child? In the wake of the massive earthquake that make have claimed as many as 20,000 lives, I can not imagine what it must be like to hear that your one and only child has been killed. I know that one child can not make up for a lost one but to have another child around can be comforting.

I fully understand why the one child policy was in place and I know that there just comes a point where there are not enough resources or room for more people. China is a very densely populated place and without some type of rules I suppose it would be too crowded. However, the thing about having policies such as one child per family does not take into account the fact that nature has a way of thinning populations. You can not predict natural or unnatural disasters but they occur quite frequently throughout the world. We just never know what the planet has in store for us and populations can be thinned out with a few moments of the earth shaking.

In the aftermath of this terrible earthquake some parents who have probably lost their homes and everything else that they owned, have also lost their child. The grief of losing a son or daughter is unnatural and overwhelming. Parents are always ready to die before their children and when that order is thrown off balance the pain is overwhelming. There are ways to have more than one child in China but you have to pay a fine or ask the government for approval. Needless to say, most people find it much easier to just stick to the rule.

What happens to the parents that can no longer bare children? They have lost their one and only chance at having a child who will grow up and carry on their legacy. Children are our best chance at the immortality that we all crave but can never achieve. To know that your legacy lives on long after you are in the ground is a curious fixation that soothes the fact that we all die. Children can make a tired, hard life worth living and when you only have one they are everything.

The pictures coming out of China are devastating. Parents are besides themselves from losing their children. Entire schools crumbled on top of children and bodies are constantly being pulled form the rubble. As the days pass anxious, tormented parents will come to realize that their child will never be seen alive again. I can not imagine what that is like. The waiting and false hope that you carry in your heart. With entire towns in ruin all the parents can do is stand in the decimated towns and wait for more bad news. There will be sparks along the way, incidences where children are pulled out alive but really, there can be no happy ending to this story.

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